Forty-Two Months and Ten Toes, The Perfect Jewish Calendar
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Perplexing Situations produced by using the Rabbinic Calendar
    Rabbi Hillel II, fabricated the Rabbinic Lunar Calendar in about 360CE (AD). It adheres to rules that circumvent the observation method required for establishing a defined and veritable 1st-day of each month, as in Temple Times. This same Rabbinic Lunar Calendar that only dates back about 1655 years, is held as sacrosanct in both Rabbinical and Theological Universities today. It seems PhD Theologians believe the “defective by almost 11 days each year” calendar set forth in the Torah, was also flawed; and thus useless for determining historical timelines and date-keeping. To be blunt; they likely do not believe either GOD or Moses had the aptitude to design a workable calendar. Then when they attempted to establish historical dates for the Nativity or Crucifixion of Yeshua/Jesus, by utilizing either Hillel’s Lunar Calendar or the Western Julian or Gregorian Solar Calendars; only confusion and contradictory situations resulted.
    Hillel’s lunar months all begin with an “invisible” (i.e. totally blackened) new moon. The dates of these new moons must be calculated from when the moon becomes non-observable in its dark phase called, Inferior Conjunction; until the lighted crescent of the Astronomical New Moon appears during the 2nd or 3rd day of the blackened moon. Then, because calculation allows an extended period for establishing a month’s 1st-day, Feast Days and 1st-days of a month are allowed to be conveniently relocated on both the Jewish Lunar and the Gregorian Solar calendars by 1 to 3 days.
Are There TWO Jewish Calendars?


A Rabbinic Calendar        &        An Orthodox Calendar
About the Rabbinic Calendar:

It was fabricated by Rabbi Hillel II, in about 360CE (i.e. AD).
It is a Lunar and Solar Calendar fabricated by man.
Its new moon is black and not visible in the darkness.
Its 1st-day of a month must be mathematically calculated.
Its Feast Days can be manipulated for convenience.
21 SIGNS of the ADVENT are obscured by this calendar.
About the Orthodox Calendar:

It was created by YHVH/GOD and upheld in the Torah.
It became a Lunar and Solar Calendar "before Adam."
Its new-moon crescents' must be seen after sundown.
When the crescent is sighted, the 1st-day has begun.
Its Feast Days are set and cannot be manipulated.
21 SIGNS of the ADVENT are obvious on this calendar.
Factual Elements of the “Torah New Moon”

Theologians and Rabbis seem unaware Moses utilized GOD’s Torah Lunar-Solar Calendar, ordained during Creation’s Fourth Day, to depict the Creation Story: 

On the 4th-Day….GOD said;

“Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven
to divide the day from the night;
and let them be for signs, and for seasons,
and for days, and years:”
Genesis 1:14, KJV & JPS1955 paraphrased

The 7th-Day Sabbaths were set on the Lunar & Solar Calendars during Creation’s, 7th-Day

The heavens and the earth were finished,
and all the host of them. And on the seventh day,
God finished His work which He had made;
And God blessed the seventh day, and hallowed it;
because that in it, He rested from all His work
which God in creating had made.
Genesis 2:1-3, KJV & JPS1955 paraphrased
NOTE: GOD certainly knew the Rabbinic Calendar would be used after the Temple was destroyed in 70CE. This allowed the “Church” to unwittingly fabricate accounts of the Nativity and Crucifixion that were not Torah or Gospel compliant. Thus, Observant Jews have been blinded to the Gospel (see Isaiah 6:8-10). But, both Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua/Jesus simply believed He died for their sins and they became righteous in GOD’s sight, in spite of the resultant contradictions produced.
NOTE: The sun, moon, and stars are set in established courses. So future alignments of Lunar High Sabbaths with Solar 7thDay Sabbaths will activate End-of-the-Age Appointed Times of the Messiah, at predetermined times, on the Torah Lunar Calendar. 
Enoch the Scribe (the 7th-Patriarch from Adam), in about 3000BCE (BC)defined when an Orthodox Astronomical New Moon begins, and also when the full age of the moon’s monthly period terminates:
And on the first day she is called the new moon,
For on that day the light rises upon her.
She wanes till all the light vanishes
and all the days of the month are at an end,
and her circumference is empty, void of light.
1st-Enoch LXXVIII (78), verses 12 & 14

Three days after the vernal equinox had occurred just prior to the Exodus, in about 1366BCE, GOD told Moses to proclaim the 1st-Day of Nisan as the beginning of the year on the Torah Orthodox Lunar Calendar:

The Lord spoke unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying,
“This month shall be unto you the beginning of months;
it shall be the first month of the year to you.”
Exodus 12:1-2 JPS1955
The Journey from Egypt to Freedom

Two 7th-Day Sabbaths directed the Exodus from Egypt

The first, 7th-Day Sabbath was Shabbat ha Gadol ("The Eminent 7th-Day Sabbath")

    The LORD revealed to Moses when the Israelites were to resume observing their “antediluvian” and “pre-Exodus” 7thDay Sabbaths. That 7thDay Sabbath fell on Nisan 10, which was the same day they were to select the paschal lambs for the Passover at the Exodus. So, the 7thDay Sabbath preceding each Passover is still called Shabbat ha Gadol (The Eminent 7thDay Sabbath), regardless of on which numbered day of Nisan it may fall. The lambs must be selected on Nisan 10, regardless of on which day of the week, Nisan 10, may fall. After sunset on Nisan 1, GOD had said to Moses:

In the tenth day of this month
they shall take to them every man a lamb….
and ye shall keep it unto the fourteenth day of the same month.
Exodus 12:3-6 JPS1955
NOTE-1: In the year of the Exodus the Passover lambs were selected (i.e. anointed) on Nisan (Abib-Heb.) 10, which was a 7thDay Sabbath because it fell on a Friday/Saturday.
NOTE-2: On, Nisan 10 & April 4, in 27CE, Mary the sister of Lazarus anointed (i.e. selected) Yeshua/Jesus as The Paschal Lamb. The anointing happened during the Friday evening of Nisan 10, and Nisan 10 was a 7thDay Sabbath (John 12:1-8).
NOTE-3: The Triumphal Entry took place on Saturday morning. It was still Nisan 10 and still a 7thDay Sabbath.
The second, 7th-Day Sabbath was Shabbat Shirah ("The Renascent 7th-Day Sabbath")

The Israelites began leaving Goshen and Rameses during the Thursday morning’s Cock- Crowing  (i.e. the early morning of Nisan 15). Later, on the 3rd-day, Nisan 17, which was the second, 7th-Day Sabbath of Nisan, Pharaoh trapped them by the Sea. Moses told them to be quiet and watch the LORD fight against the Egyptians for them. After sundown (then Nisan 18), Moses stretched his staff over the Sea, and a strong east wind began parting the waters. So, they left Egypt after the 7th-Day Sabbath named Shabbat Shirah (The Renascent 7th-Day Sabbath) had ended. Then, after the Israelites had crossed through the Sea of Reeds; the Song of Moses was sung during the morning of Nisan 18.

  Moses had given a Sabbath Command;

"The LORD will fight for you,
and ye shall hold your peace."
Exodus 14:14 JPS
NOTE-1: During the Exodus, Nisan (Abib) 18 fell on a Saturday/ Sunday (i.e. Saturday after sundown to Sunday at sundown).
NOTE-2: It should be noted that in 27CE Yeshua/Jesus arose from death early on the first day of the week (this is the period between sundown and the midnight hours on Saturday-night/Sunday-morning yet today; and it was Nisan 18 in 27CE also).
    Only the sighting of the luminous crescent of an Astronomical New Moon can produce a defined and veritable 1st-day of a month as it did in Temple Times, and as required by the Torah Lunar  Orthodox Calendar. The sighting of the crescent could not be calculated, because various atmospheric conditions allowed for the crescent to remain unseen for one to three days after Inferior Conjunction had commenced. Even so, whenever it was sighted in Temple Times, the 1st-day of the new month was declared; and it was always in accord with GOD's perfect timing, because GOD foreknew what the atmospheric conditions would be.

The First, Sabbath of Weeks (Days 1–7)
We know Moses began counting the 7-Weeks (49-days) from the Passover to Pentecost from the day following the 7th-Day Sabbath on Nisan 17 that followed the Passover Feast on Nisan 15 (Because Nisan 15 had not yet been proclaimed as a Lunar High Sabbath). So the daily count began on Saturday after the sundown-twilight period, which was after Nisan 17 had transitioned into Nisan 18, which was the First Day of the Week (Nisan 18 was day-one, a Sunday). The first 7-days also included the sundown-twilight, on Saturday, Nisan 24; so the first Sabbath of Weeks was completed on a 7th-Day Sabbath."

The Second, Sabbath of Weeks (Days 8–14)
This Week began on Saturday after sundown-twilight, after it had transitioned into Nisan 25, and it ended 7-days later after sundown-twilight on Saturday, Iyar 1 (the Jewish 2ndMonth), a 7th-Day Sabbath.

The Third, Sabbath of Weeks (Days 15–21)
This Week began on Saturday after sundown-twilight, after it had transitioned into Iyar 2; and it ended 7-days later after sundown-twilight on Saturday, Iyar 8, a 7th-Day Sabbath.

The Fourth, Sabbath of Weeks (Days 22–28)
This Week began on Saturday after sundown-twlight, as it transitioned into Iyar 9 [But six days later after darkness had enshrouded the land on Friday evening of Iyar 15, the Israelites entered the Wilderness of Sin (see Exodus 16:1-4). When the dawn broke in the morning of Iyar 15 the Israelites saw they were in a desert where there was no food. The people complained, so the LORD sent quail for them to eat that same Saturday afternoon, and promised bread would arrive on Sunday morning, Nisan 16 (see Exodus 16:8)]. This Fourth, Sabbath of Weeks ended after sundown-twlight on Saturday, Iyar 15, a 7th-Day Sabbath.

The Fifth, Sabbath of Weeks (Days 29–35)
This Week began on Saturday after sundown-twlight, as it transitioned into Iyar 16     [Beginning on Sunday morning, Nisan 16, the Israelites gathered a daily allotment of manna each morning for 5-days. On Iyar 21, the 6th-day, they gathered a double allotment of manna so they could also eat on Saturday, Iyar 22, because no manna could be gathered on the 7th-Day Sabbath (Exodus 16:4-31)]. This Fifth Sabbath of Weeks ended after sundown-twlight on Saturday, Iyar 22, a 7th-Day Sabbath.

The Sixth, Sabbath of Weeks (Days 36–42)
This Week began on Saturday after sundown-twilight, after it had transitioned into Iyar 23; and it ended 7-days later after sundown-twilight on Saturday, Iyar 29, a 7th-Day Sabbath
SEVEN more 7th-Day Sabbaths occurred between Egypt & Mt. Sinai​

They are called: Seven Sabbaths of Weeks and Counting the Omer

These “Seven Sabbaths of Weeks” segmented the 49-day journey of the Israelites from the parting of the Sea of Reeds to the foot of Mt. Sinai. On the 50th-Day the LORD spoke the Ten Words (i.e. the Ten Commandments) while the Israelites bowed near the base of the Mountain.
NOTE: One Omer equals about seven dry-measure pints. If one dry-measure pint equals one day, then one Omer equals one Sabbath Week. Thus, seven Sabbaths of Weeks equals 49-days.
NOTE: In 27CE, Yeshua/Jesus and his disciples left the Upper Room on the 6th Saturday morning after the Resurrection, which was Iyar 29 & May 24, and climbed up the Mount of Olives. Then as the disciples watched, he ascended into heaven….it was also a 7th-Day Sabbath, see Luke 24:50-53 & Acts 1:9-12. 
The Seventh, Sabbath of Weeks (Days 43–49)
This Week began on Saturday after sundown-twlight, after it had transitioned into Sivan 1   (Jewish 3rdMonth); and ended 7-days later after sundown-twilight on Saturday, Sivan 7, a 7th-Day Sabbath and the 49th-Day!
    BEFORE and DURING the EXODUS, there were NO declared Lunar High Sabbaths. Only 7thDay Sabbaths were observed as Sabbaths by the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So, during the Exodus, only the TWO 7th-Day Sabbaths were observed:
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NOTE: Moses probably did not “Count the Omer” as they traveled from Egypt to Mt. Sinai. The Israelites simply made the journey that foreshadowed the “Counting of the Omer;” and Moses logged the days. According to the context of the Scripture; after the Israelites had observed the Passover and journeyed to Mount Sinai; and after Moses had descended from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Words written on two stone tablets; Moses at some time instructed the people on how they were to “Count the Omer” ––i.e., from the Passover to the Day of Pentecost–– AFTER they had entered the Promised Land (see Leviticus 23:15-16). 
The Fiftieth Day (Day 50)
After sundown-twlight on Saturday, Sivan 7, the 7th-Day Sabbath transitioned into Sunday, Sivan 8. Sivan 8 was not a 7th-Day Sabbath, but this 50th-day would later be proclaimed as a Sabbath of Rest (i.e. a Holy Convocation, see Leviticus 23:16 & 21), regardless of on which numbered day of Sivan it may fall. Therefore, the 50th-Day is always Pentecost, and it must always fall between sundown on Saturday and sundown on Sunday, which is always the first day of the lunar week. 
Why does this even matter?

     It seems ALL "Church" Translators ignored the Jewish Festivals & Rituals, and relied on rules established by Hillel’s Rabbinic Calendar, when they translated the Gospels from the Original Greek Texts and thence into English Bibles. In addition, a number of intentional     translation errors produced some major contradictory situations that has led to confusion and skepticism regarding the in-errancy of the Bible's Old and New Testaments.
    However, by analyzing how the 7th-Day Sabbaths were intrinsic to the Journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Mount Sinai, and by utilizing the regulations governing the Torah  Orthodox Lunar Calendar; definite dates, on which TWENTY-ONE SIGNS preceded the First Advent of the Messiah, are clearly determined. These SIGNS point to the Appointed Time of the Nativity that was preset in the Stars, the Planets, and the Jewish New Moon Calendar before the Foundations of the Earth were laid. Some SIGNS were Celestial, and some SIGNS were Terrestrial


During which season of the year was Yeshua/Jesus Born?

Whenever we ponder the story of the Nativity, we usually refer to Luke 1:5-2:20 & Matthew 1:18-2:23 for answers. However, the answer to this question is found in Revelation 12:1-5. After the 7th-angel had sounded its Trumpet in Revelation 11:15, a Time Warp placed John back in time to September 28 in 6 BCE; when THREE PLANETS began conjoining under the 49-stars of four Constellations, to actually form the *TRIRATIATE STAR OF BETHLEHEM.
John called this....                    
                                                    "THE GREAT SIGN!"

Now a GREAT SIGN appeared in heaven:
a woman clothed with the sun,
with the moon under her feet,
and on her head a garland of twelve stars.
Then being with child, she cried out
in labor and in pain to give birth.

And ANOTHER SIGN appeared in heaven:
behold, a great, fiery red dragon
having seven heads and ten horns,
and seven diadems on his heads.
His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven
and threw them to the earth.

And the dragon stood before the woman
who was ready to give birth,
to devour her Child as soon as it was born.
She bore a male Child who was to rule
all nations with a rod of iron.
Revelation 12:1-5 NKJV

    John is intrigued as stars begin pushing through the blue canopy of space above him. As he continues gazing into the heavens the twilight leisurely fades into darkness; and the constellations of Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Ophiuchus emerge into view. He notes the Moon is full and three Wandering Stars (planets) are emanating a subtle light onto the shadowy landscape. Many little shelters called sukkas (tabernacles or huts) are exposed. These have been erected by Jewish Fathers for their families to live in during the 7-day Festival of Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles). He knows the vintage has been harvested in Israel, because the Sun is clothing (embracing) the Constellation of Virgo (the Virgin) while the Sun passes through the Constellation of Ophiuchus (the Serpent). The Virgin is wearing a Garland of Twelve Stars on her head, which are the Twelve Stars of Ophiuchus and also the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The Constellation of Libra (the Balance), is the Full Moon under the Virgin's feet. The Full Moon has now finished its task of balancing the Jewish Orthodox Lunar Calendar with the Celestial Solar Calendar; to welcome the Birth of the Messiah. The fiery red dragon with seven heads in Ophiuchus is Satan himself. He is wound around the Child in Ophiuchus, so he might cause the Child to die before He is born. The Constellation of Scorpio (the poisonous Scorpion) is lingering under a foot of the Child in Ophiuchus.    (Scorpio is likely the serpent, Gadre`el, Satan’s #3 arch-demonic-angel who is the “death angel” in the Bible, and named in Enoch 69:6)As the radiance of the Three Triradiate Stars (Jupiter, Saturn and Mars) intensifies and surrounds the sukkah, the Babe who is portrayed in Ophiuchus suddenly cries out! The serpent tries to draw its coils tightly around the Child, so Scorpio the death angel can administer the sting of death! But the foot of the Child is already beginning to crush the head of Scorpio! Now the hosts of heaven joyously sing their Song!....
   Glory to GOD in the highest,
                                                     and on earth,
                                                                     peace toward men of goodwill. Luke 2:14 NKJV
    1st SIGN: In 907BCE, Jupiter & Saturn merged into conjunction three times (during May, October & December). The thrice repeated conjunctions confirmed two Major Messianic Events were firmly preset to take place. (#1) The future location of the Temple was revealed; and (#2) Two Land Purchase Agreements were Executed and Certified for the sites. So, the  CELESTIAL EVENT of THREE CONJUNCTIONS in 907BCE was the FIRST MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews. Thus, 900-years later in 7BCE, when the Sages (Wise Men) in Babylon beheld the three conjunctions of Jupiter & Saturn (during May, October & Decemberthey knew it was a SIGN, and the Birth of the Messiah was imminent. 

    2nd SIGN: During the 3rd-Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in 907BCE, King David purchased the Mount of Olives on Kislev 25 (the Jewish 9th-Month), and the Temple Mount 7-days later on Tibet 2/3 (the Jewish 10th-Month). The TERRESTRIAL EVENT of these TWO PURCHASES was the SECOND MESSIANIC SIGN of the First  Advent of the Messiah. 

    3rd SIGN: When the foundation of Zerubbabel's Temple (the 2nd-Temple) had been laid, on Kislev 24 & December 18, in 520BCE; the prophet Haggai told the Jews:


According to astronomical records, Jupiter and Saturn merge into conjunction three times, during May, October & December, every 900 years, (see Marking Time, Duncan Steel, copyright 2000, page 329). 
NOTE-1: In 907BCE, King David purchased the Mount of Olives from Araunah the Jebusite on Kislev 25, see 2nd-Samuel 24:1-25. King David also purchased Moriah, the Temple Mount, from Ornan the Jebusite on Tibet 2/3, see 1st-Chronicles 21:1-30 & 2nd-Chronicles 3:4.
NOTE-2: The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary 900-years later on, Kislev 25 & December 15, in 7BCE; and the Conception of the Messiah was complete on, Tibet 2/3 & December 23, in 7BCE.
The First 6 SIGNS of 21 SIGNS of the MESSIAH occurred between King David in 907BCE and Hanukkah in 164BCE
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Consider now from this day and forward,
 from the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month,
from the day the foundation of the LORD's
 Temple was laid---consider it:
 Is the SEED yet in the barn?
From THIS DAY I will bless you!
The "SEED" is the Messianic Mitochondrial-Eve DNA, Seed of the Woman; and NOT Adam's seed, which was the blood-line of the Kings of Judah.
This promise was to the Woman:
The LORD God said to the serpent:
 "Because you have done this,
 you are cursed more than all cattle....
and I will put enmity between
 you and the Woman,
 and between your seed and Her seed;
 HE (her Seed, Messiah) shall crush your head,
 and you shall bruise HIS (Messiah's) heel."
​Haggai 2:18-19

    "THIS DAY" was Kislev 24, but the next day was Kislev 25 in 520BCE:
    In 907BCE, King David began the purchase of the two Temple Mount's on Kislev 25.
    In 520BCE the Sanctuary began to be built on its foundation on Kislev 25.
    In 164BCE Kislev 25 was a 7th-Day Sabbath, and the 1st Lunar High Sabbath of Hanukkah.
    These events foreshadowed the Conception of Yeshua/Jesus on Kislev 25 in 7BCE. 
   4th SIGN: On Kislev 25 in 167BCE, the Seleucid King, Antiochus IV Epiphanes,    desecrated the Altar in front of the Temple by sacrificing a swine on it. During the 3rd-year, Judah Maccabees reclaimed the Temple Mount and ordered a Re-dedication Festival to begin on, Kislev 25 & December 6, in 164BCE. It was the third anniversary of the sacrilege, and also a 7th-Day Sabbath. This TERRESTRIAL EVENT of HANUKKAH BEING DECLARED A FESTIVAL on Kislev 25 in 164BCE, was the FOURTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews.

    5th SIGN: The TERRESTRIAL EVENT of the first and last days of HANUKKAH being proclaimed as LUNAR HIGH SABBATHS in 164BCE, was the FIFTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews. This SIGN occurred prior to 7BCE.

    6th SIGN: The TERRESTRIAL EVENT wherein both LUNAR HIGH SABBATHS  of       HANUKKAH  aligned with 7th-DAY SABBATHS  in 164BCE,  was the  SIXTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah; and all SIX SIGNS occurred between King David's Purchase in 907BCE, and prior to the year of 7BCE, during which Jupiter and Saturn again went into Conjunction three times (in May, October and December of 7BCE).

    18th SIGN: Under the Canopy of Four Constellations (Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, & Ophiuchus); the historically elusive TRIRADIATE STAR OF BETHLEHEM shined silently in the heavens. This CONJOINING OF JUPITER, SATURN, AND MARS in 6BCE was welcoming the arrival of the Messiah of the Jews....and ultimately, the Savior of the World. THE GREAT SIGN was the EIGHTEENTH SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah.

   19th SIGN: Yeshua/Jesus was born under the Full Moon of, Tishri 15 & September 28/29, in 6BCE. Tishri 15 was the First Day of Sukkoth (Tabernacles), so it was the HIGH SABBATH of SUKKOTH and also 7th-DAY SABBATH. This SIXTH ALIGNMENT of a HIGH SABBATH with a 7th-DAY SABBATH was a TERRESTRIAL EVENT and the NINETEENTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews. 

And she brought forth her firstborn son,
and wrapped him in a HIGH PRIESTS SERVICE GARMENT,
and laid him in a FEEDING TROUGH:  
because there was no room for them in the Inn.

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field,
keeping watch over their flock by night.
And, lo, the angel of the LORD came upon them,
and the glory of the LORD shone round about them:
and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them,

"Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy,
which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day
in the city of David a Savior, which is MESSIAH the LORD.
And this shall be a SIGN unto you:
Ye shall find the Babe wrapped in a
 lying in a FEEDING TROUGH."
Luke 2:7-12, KJV paraphrased, based on the Original Greek Text.

      20th SIGN: The swaddling strips used by Jewish women to wrap newborn babies in were made from discarded, high priest's service garments. In Exodus 19:6, the LORD told the Israelites; "You shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a 'holy nation.'" The Greek word used for swaddling cloths in Luke 2:7, is a verb, singular tense, and means "Mary wrapped the Baby in a SINGLE swaddling cloth, which was of course, a high priest's service garment." The Greek word used in Luke 2:12 for swaddling cloths is a noun, it is singular tense, and it meant, the shepherds would find the Babe wrapped in a cloth from which swaddling strips were made (i.e. a high priest's service garment).
    The shepherds found the Babe wrapped in a HIGH PRIEST'S SERVICE GARMENT. It was a TERRESTRIAL EVENT and a SIGN that Yeshua/Jesus was the Messiah. It was also the TWENTIETH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews.

The LORD  said unto my LORD,
 "Sit thou at my right hand,
 until I make thine enemies thy footstool....

The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent,
"Thou art a priest forever
after the order of Melchizedek."
Psalms 110:1-4 (a Psalm of David), KJV

    21st SIGN: Sukkoth ended seven days later on the 7th-Day of Sukkoth, which was, Tishri 21 & October 5/6, in 6BCE. The following day was Tishri 22, and the HIGH SABBATH of SHEMINI ATZERET, but it is sometimes called the Eighth Day of Sukkoth. In 6BCE it was a 7th-DAY SABBATH, and the eighth day after Yeshua/Jesus was born. So Yeshua/Jesus was Circumcised on the 8th-Day after his birth, which was also Shemini Atzereth (i.e. The Eighth Day). This  SEVENTH ALIGNMENT of a HIGH SABBATH with a 7th-DAY SABBATH was a TERRESTRIAL EVENT. It was also the TWENTY- FIRST MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews.

Concluding Observations about "THE GREAT SIGN"

#1. In Luke 1:5-38; Luke proclaimed the date on which the Birth of Yeshua/Jesus had taken place. In Matthew 2:1-23; Matthew narrated the Celestial Story of the Triradiate Star of Bethlehem; the Terrestrial Story of the Wise Men as they arrived for the Circumcision; and also the Flight to Egypt. In Revelation 12:1-6, John confirmed the Celestial Story of the Birth of Yeshua/Jesus, and also confirmed the Flight to Egypt. By utilizing the Orthodox Jewish Calendar, the Jewish Festival Rituals, and Celestial & Astronomical History; no puzzling situations arise, because the details of the Nativity Story make sense; completely! The ORIGINAL GREEK TEXTS of the Gospels contain no errors. However, the translators were no doubt coerced by Popes and Kings to mis-translate certain Scriptures to support the prior and currently presiding ruler’s ill-conceived inklings.  
NOTE-1: The meaning of Hanukkah is "dedication."
NOTE-2: On Elul 1 (the Jewish 6th-Month & August 15) in 170BCE, the Seleucid King, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, committed the first Abomination of Desolation (spoken of in Daniel 8:11-14), by placing a statue of Zeus in the Holy Place. The statue of Zeus was destroyed by Judah Maccabees when he reclaimed the Temple. It was 2300 evenings and mornings from when it was placed in the Holy Place. For further explanations and documentation, see Analysis E, on pages 461-464, in Forty-Months and Ten Toes.
NOTE: The Magi (i.e. the Wise Men) saw the three conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, while they were still in the East, during the year of 7BCE. They realized it was a SIGN the birth of the Messiah was imminent. Thus, they made elaborate preparations for the journey in order to arrive for the Festival of Sukkoth (i.e. Feast of Tabernacles) that would take place during the Fall of 6BCE. A journey of this  magnitude required extensive planning, because regardless of the route they took, they would travel for up to 5 months, and for five or six hundred miles; much of it through barren and/or desert lands. So, they likely took their wives and some of their concubines and children, along with livestock and many servants. See chapter 12 in Forty-Two Months for a plausible re-creation of their journey.
Was this an Astronomical SIGN? Or was it an Astrological deception? THE GREAT SIGN was    Astronomical. It depicted the Nativity Story of the Messiah in four Constellations and three Planets. Astrology is Satan's and man's fictional distortion of the LORD's SIGNS in the stars. It's called Mythology! Mythology's fictional "spin" of Ophiuchus is: baby Hercules killed two preying serpents; i.e. the dragon in Ophiuchus, and Scorpio.
Genesis 3:14-15
Mary was the young woman (i,e, the virgin) in Isaiah 7:14; and she possessed the Messianic-Mitochondrial-Eve-DNA "Seed of the Woman" that gave life to the cells that conceived and developed the Baby Messiah in her womb.
    7th SIGN: The High Sabbath of the PASSOVER fell on, Nisan 15 & April 14/15, a Friday/ Saturday, in 7BCE. This unique alignment of a HIGH SABBATH with a 7th-DAY SABBATH at Passover, forced the Pharisees and Sadducees to Count the Omer (the 49-days from Passover to Shavuot, i.e. Pentecost) together. This FIRST ALIGNMENT OF SABBATHS, beginning with the Passover in 7BCE, was a TERRESTRIAL EVENT and it was the SEVENTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews.

    8th SIGN: In May, Jupiter & Saturn merged into the first conjunction of 7BCE, while the Pharisees and Sadducees were Counting the Omer together. This FIRST PLANETARY CONJUNCTION in 7BCE was a CELESTIAL EVENT and the EIGHTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews.

    9th SIGN: The next alignment of Sabbaths occurred ON the Day of Pentecost, which fell on, Sivan 6 (the Jewish 3rd-Month) & June 3/4, in 7BCE. Normally the Pharisees and Sadducees celebrated Pentecost on different days due to their divergent methods of Counting of the Omer. However, the High Sabbath of the Passover had aligned with a 7th-Day Sabbath in 7BCE, so the Pharisees and Sadducees Counted the Omer together; with THE HIGH SABBATH OF SHAVUOT ACCORDING TO THE PHARISEES, aligning with THE HIGH SABBATH OF SHAVUOT ACCORDING TO THE SADDUCEES in 7BCE. This alignment of High Sabbaths was an anomaly, because the odds of the two Lunar High Sabbaths of Shavuot falling on the same day, along with the 8th-Division of Priests also serving at the Temple during Shavuot, were virtually zero. So this ALIGNMENT OF TWO LUNAR HIGH SABBATHS with each other was a TERRESTRIAL EVENT, and it was the NINTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah; even though it occurred on the First Day of the Week (i.e. Saturday before sunset through Sunday after sunset).

    10th SIGN: While the once-a-year all-night-prayers of the people at Shavuot were still being offered on the morning of, Sivan 6 & June 4, in 7BCEthe angel Gabriel appeared to Zacharias the High Priest in the Temple Sanctuary and promised him his wife Elizabeth would have a son in her old age; and to name him John (he became, John the Baptist). This FIRST APPEARANCE OF THE ANGEL GABRIEL on the Day of Pentecost was a TERRESTRIAL EVENT and it was the TENTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent. 
NOTE-1: While the Magi in the East were watching the three celestial conjunctions in 7BCE; the Jews in Jerusalem were perplexed, because they also observed ELEVEN other SIGNS. These included five High Sabbaths aligning with five 7th-Day Sabbaths, and the two High Sabbaths of Shavuot (i.e. Pentecost), falling on the same day. Even though the High Sabbath of Rosh Hashanah had also aligned with a 7th-Day Sabbath in 7BCE, it was NOT one of the primary SIGNS of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews.
NOTE-2: In Leviticus 23:1-4, both the High Sabbaths and the 7th-Day Sabbaths are called "The Appointed Seasons of the LORD." The weekdays on which Feast-Days fall vary from year to year, while 7thDay Sabbaths always fall on a Friday/Saturday. There are SEVEN Appointed Seasons or Holy Convocations (High Sabbaths), proclaimed in Leviticus 23:5-44. In 164BCE, Judah Maccabees proclaimed the first and eighth days of Hanukkah as Holy Convocations, changing the count to NINE High Sabbaths. High Sabbaths may (only?) become “Appointed Times of the Messiah” when they align with 7thDay Sabbaths or each other. This is why Leviticus 23:1-4 names High Sabbaths & 7thDay Sabbaths together as Appointed Times (see the ISIS ISIL Pdf File).        
occurred between the Passover and Hanukkah during 7BCE
    11th SIGN: Jupiter & Saturn merged into the second of the three conjunctions during, Tishri & October, in 7BCESukkoth (The Feast of Tabernacles) began on Tishri 15, which was October 7/8 in 7BCE. This SECOND PLANETARY CONJUNCTION was a CELESTIAL EVENT and it was the ELEVENTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah.

    12th SIGN: The Festival of Sukkoth (Tabernacles) on, Tishri 15-21 & October 7/8–13/14, in 7BCE, occurred during the Second Conjunctional Emerging of Jupiter & Saturn. The 1st-Day of Sukkoth was the SECOND ALIGNMENT of a HIGH SABBATH with a 7th-DAY SABBATH. It was a TERRESTRIAL EVENT and also the TWELFTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews.

    13th SiGN: The Festival of Shemini Atzeret (The Eighth Day of Tabernacles) fell on, Tishri 22 & October 14/15, in 7BCE, that was also during the Second Conjunctional Emerging of Jupiter & Saturn in 7BCE. SHEMINI ATZERET is always a HIGH SABBATH; and the two alignments of High with 7th-Day Sabbaths during the 8-days of Sukkoth and Shemini Atzeret in 7BCE, were harbingers of the Birth and Circumcision of Yeshua/Jesus that would take place one year later during Sukkoth and Shemini Atzeret in 6BCE. This THIRD ALIGNMENT of a HIGH SABBATH with a 7th-DAY SABBATH was a  TERRESTRIAL EVENT and it was the THIRTEENTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah.

    14th SIGN: JUPITER & SATURN merged into conjunction for the Third and Final Time in 7BCE, during, Kislev & December. The Festival of Hanukkah began on Kislev 25 and ended on Tibet 2/3 in 7BCE. These days coincided with December 15/16–22/23 in 7BCE. This THIRD PLANETARY CONJUNCTION of JUPITER AND SATURN was a CELESTIAL EVENT and it was the FOURTEENTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah.

    15th SIGN: Kislev 25 & December 15/16, in 7BCE was the 1st-day of Hanukkah. It was also the FIRST of the two High Sabbaths of HANUKKAH; and it was also a 7th-DAY SABBATH.  This FOURTH ALIGNMENT of a HIGH SABBATH with a 7th-DAY SABBATH was a  TERRESTRIAL EVENT, and also the FIFTEENTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent.

    16th SIGN: The angel Gabriel appeared to a young Jewish girl (i.e. a virgin) named Mary, on the 1st-Day of Hanukkah in 7BCE, and told her she would give birth to, Immanuel, the Savior of the World. She was to name him Yeshua/Jesus! This SECOND APPEARANCE of the ANGEL GABRIEL was a TERRESTRIAL EVENT and the SIXTEENTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews. 

In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from GOD
unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, to a virgin
espoused to a man named Joseph, of the House of David;
and the virgin's name was Mary. And the angel said:

"Behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb,
and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name YESHUA. 
He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest...."

Then said Mary unto the angel, "How shall this be,
seeing I know not a man?" And the angel answered and said,
"The Spirit of the Most High shall come upon thee,
and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee...."
Luke 1:26-35 KJV paraphrased
      MARY’S PERSONAL SIGN: The angel Gabriel had appeared to Zacharias on, Sivan 6 & June 4, in 7BCE. The Lunar Months following Sivan were: Tammuz, Av, Elul, Tishri, Hesvan, and Kislev; which was also Elizabeth's sixth month. So, ELIZABETH WAS IN HER SIXTH MONTH OF PREGNANCY when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary after sundown on Friday, Kislev 25 & December 15, in 7BCEELIZABETH’S PREGNANCY WAS THE PERSONAL SIGN TO MARY that she would conceive the Messiah.

Now indeed, Elizabeth your relative
has also conceived a son in her old age;
and this is now the sixth month
for her who was called barren.
Luke 1:36 NKJV

    17th SIGN: The 8th-Day of Hanukkah was the SECOND HIGH SABBATH of HANUKKAH  and it also fell on a 7thDAY SABBATH, Tibet 2/3 & December 23, in 7BCEThe conception of Yeshua/Jesus was complete on this day, and Yeshua/Jesus was born 280 days (i.e. 40-weeks or 9-months) later at the Appointed Time. This FIFTH ALIGNMENT of a HIGH SABBATH with a 7th-DAY SABBATH was a TERRESTRIAL EVENT and the SEVENTEENTH MESSIANIC SIGN of the First Advent of the Messiah of the Jews.
#2.  Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea
in the days of Herod the King, behold,
there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying,
 "Where is he that is born King of the Jews?
 for we have seen his star in the east,
 and are come to worship him."

    In 6BCE, all the Jews, in Israel and from the surrounding countries, gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles). Everyone was aware of, and wondering about, the THREE WANDERING TRIRADIATE STARS that had been conjoining above them since the 1st-Day of the Festival. The CELESTIAL EVENT taking place above them while they observed the nighttime Rituals of Sukkoth, likely convinced Herod to grant the Wise Men an audience. When the Chief Priests and Scribes advised the King the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem, Herod sent the Wise Men to Bethlehem and told them to find the Child and then report back to the King.
  The Wise Men began trekking toward Bethlehem on Friday morning, and would have camped before the 7th-Day Sabbath began at sundown. That Sabbath would also be the High Sabbath of Shemini Atzeret (The Eighth Day). When the darkness had set in they beheld the same sky John had seen in his Vision. Soon, the THREE CONJOINING TRIRADIATE STARS (planets) began leading them by refracted beams of light to the Child that had now been moved into a tent; because on the last day of Sukkoth, Jews abandoned the sukkah’s (i.e. temporary shelters) and moved back into their abodes for Shemini Atzeret.

    During the following morning the Child was Circumcised on the eighth day, which was still Shemini Atzeret. The Wise Men presented him with their gifts during the ceremony, which was, and still is, a Jewish Custom.

When they had opened their treasures,
they presented unto him gifts;
GOLD (as the SIGN of his being THE KING OF KINGS),
and MYRRH (as the SIGN of the BITTERNESS he would endure for us).
Matthew 2:11, KJV paraphrased
 Being wrapped in a HIGH PRIEST'S GARMENT
was the SIGN, He is our HIGH PRIEST FOREVER. 

#3.  When Mary's Purification Days were completed (see Leviticus:12:2-4, 33+7=40 days), Joseph and Mary made the one-day trip to the Temple in Jerusalem to have Yeshua/Jesus dedicated. The 40th day was a Thursday; they traveled to Jerusalem on a Friday; and Yeshua/Jesus was Dedicated on a Saturday morning, Heshvan 27 & November 10, in 6BCE; it was NOT a High Sabbath, but it WAS a 7th-DAY SABBATH! 

When the days of her purification
according to the law of Moses were accomplished,
they brought him to Jerusalem,
to present him to the LORD.
Luke 2:22, NKJV

    When Herod was advised the dedication of a Child from Bethlehem had caused a great deal of excitement at the Temple; and the Wise Men had not reported back to him, he secretly ordered all the 1st-year male children killed, in the environs around Bethlehem.

NOTE: Jewish babies were considered to be 1st-year children at birth. At the following Passover, when every Jew became one year older, Yeshua/Jesus became a 2nd-year child when he was only about 6-months old. Thus, he was just over SIX WEEKS (about  43 days) old when Herod ordered the male babies in Bethlehem killed; and this is also when Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with the Baby.

For JEWS who are appalled that the Wise Men would travel on the Sabbath - here is knowledge: Bethlehem is only about 5-miles from Jerusalem. They were no doubt close to Bethlehem when they set up camp prior to sundown. When the darkness had set in and they beheld the ray-like beams of light beckoning them to the Child, they probably only had to travel a "Sabbath Day's Journey" to reach the Child.
How did Westerly know to use the ORTHODOX JEWISH LUNAR CALENDAR
 instead of the RABBINIC JEWISH LUNAR CALENDAR to write the book,
 Forty-Two Months and Ten Toes, The Perfect Jewish Calendar? 
    The answer is simple. Westerly was not inclined to attend a Theological Seminary, and he was unfamiliar with how the "bastardized" Rabbinic Lunar Calendar worked. He instead researched the "supposedly flawed" Orthodox Jewish Lunar Calendar he had learned about from his Bible History professor in Bible College. Even so, he never believed the LORD would have given Moses a flawed calendar. Westerly did eventually acquire an understanding of the Rabbinic Calendar while he was writing Forty-Two Months. Even so, he was unable at that time to understand why Theologians, who wrote so eloquently that the Crucifixion took place on a Friday, between 30AD and 33AD, could be so wrong. He soon discovered they did not check out the Greek Texts of all four Gospelswhich each declares TWO Preparation Days and TWO Sabbaths occurred between the Death and Resurrection of Yeshua/Jesus. They also used a dark and invisible New Moon that caused them to bicker about four impossible years during which the Crucifixion could NOT have taken place.


                From: Tishri 15 & September 28, in 6BCE (BC)
                To:      Nisan 14 & April 9, in 27CE (AD)

High Sabbath of Passover fell on the 7th-Day Sabbath.
Pharisees and Sadducees observed Shavuot (Pentecost) on the same day.
The angel Gabriel appeared to Zacharias in the Holy Place; in Jerusalem.
The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary in Nazareth.
​The Conception of Jesus was complete in Nazareth.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
Jesus was visited by the Wise Men and Circumcised in Bethlehem.
​Jesus was 12 years old when he first contended with the Religious Leaders.
​Jesus was Baptized by John the Baptist during the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar.
​Jesus was anointed by Mary after sundown in Bethany.
The Triumphal Entry took place on Saturday morning, a 7th-Day Sabbath; in Jerusalem.
​Jesus Cleansed the Temple on Sunday, the First Day of the Week.
Bedikat Hametz (i.e. Purging of the Leavening), The Last Supper.
​Eight Trials of Jesus in am - Darkness, Noon - Daylight, Jesus died, and earthquake, 3 pm.
Jesus was interred in a rich man's tomb near the top of the Mount of Olives at sundown.
​Jesus was consigned into the Heart of the Earth by the death angel.
This was the High Sabbath of the Passover; from sundown on Wed. to sundown on Thurs.
The women purchased spices to anoint Jesus when the tomb would be opened on Sunday.
The women rested on the 7th-Day Sabbath.
Mary Magdalene visited the tomb during Midnight hours.​
​Peter & John visited the empty tomb early on Nisan 18.
Mary Magdalene and other women visited the empty tomb around dawn.
Jesus ascended into a cloud while his disciples watched.
Day of Pentecost according to the Pharisees.
Day of Pentecost had now "Fully Come" according to the Sadducees.
Lunar Date

Nisan 15
Sivan 6
Sivan 6
Kislev 25
Tibet 3
​Tishri 15
​Tishri 22
​Nisan 14
​Tibet 3
​Nisan 10
Nisan 10
​Nisan 11
Nisan 14
Nisan 14
Nisan 14
Nisan 15
Nisan 15
Nisan 16
Nisan 17
Nisan 18
Nisan 18
Nisan 18
Nisan 18
Iyar 29
Sivan 6
Sivan 8
Solar Date

April 14/15, 7BC
June 3/4, 7BC Sat/Sun
June 4, 7BC Sunday am
December 15, 7BC
​December 23, 7BC
​September 28, 6BC
​October 6, 6BC
​April 2, 6AD
​December 2, 23AD
​April 4, 27AD Friday
April 5, 27AD Saturday
​April 6, 27AD Sunday
April 8, 27AD Tue pm
April 9, 27AD Wed am-pm
April 9, 27AD Wed sunset
April 9/10, Wed pm-midnight
April 9/10, 27AD Wed/Thu
April 11, 27AD Friday
April 12, 27AD Saturday
​April 12/13, 27AD Resurrection!
April 12/13, 27AD after  midnite
​April 13, 27AD after midnite 
April 13, 27AD dawn Sunday
May 24, 27AD Saturday am
May 30, 27AD Friday/Saturday
June 1, 27AD Saturday/Sunday
The following “Events Chart” may assist Western minds in following the Jewish dates:

Jewish and Julian & Gregorian dating of events in the life of Jesus



September 28, 6BCE                         Tishri 15                 Jesus was born in Bethlehem                 In the fall of the year, the Shepherds would have been in the fields with their              flocks at night; see Luke 2:8.     

October 6, 6BCE                        Tishri 22                          Arrival of the Wise Men
            Jesus was 8-days old when the Wise Men arrived for the Circumcision. Jesus was              about 6-weeks old when Herod killed the male babies under 2-years old.

NOTE: The years have transitioned from BCE (BC) to CE (AD)

April 2, 6CE                                Nisan 14                          Jesus at 12 years old
              Jesus began his 12th year at the Passover in 6CE. Jesus contended with the             Scribes in the Temple Complex following that Passover; see Luke 2:41-50

December 4, 23CE                    Tibet 3                              Jesus Baptized by John

March 26, 27 AD                        Nisan 1                            Establishment of Nisan 14


April 4, 27 AD                            Nisan 10                            Jesus is Anointed for Burial
          On Friday after sundown, Nisan 10 & April 4, Mary the sister of Lazarus anointed          Jesus for his death and burial at a dinner held in Bethany on Mt. Olivet (John 12:1-7)

April 5, 27 AD                            Nisan 10                            The Triumphal Entry 

April 6, 27 AD                            Nisan 11                            Cleansing of the Temple  

NOTE: Matthew, Mark, and Luke clearly point to April 6 as this day. John also clearly indicates the Temple Cleansing took place on April 6, at the end of Yeshua/Jesus’ ministry, by referring to the many signs and miracles he had performed during his final Passover Festival (John 2:1–4:54, esp. verses 22:23 & 3:2); and John noted only two signs (i.e. miracles) were performed during the very early days of Jesus' ministry (see John 2:11 & 4:54).

April 7, 27 AD                            Nisan 12                         Two Greatest Commandments

April 8, 27 AD                            Nisan 13                          Judas Iscariot the Betrayer
​            During the day on TuesdayYeshua/Jesus was unhampered by the religious                 leaders, and he taught and healed the people. However, Judas Iscariot spent the                day attempting to devise a plan to betray his Master to the Sanhedrin (the Jewish                   Religious Court).

April 8, 27 AD                            Nisan 14                            Preparation Day Evening

NOTE: This was NOT a Seder Meal. The Greek Texts state this meal was eaten prior to the slaying of the lambs on Wednesday. Roasted lamb was NOT served and everyone ate leavened bread (i,e, άρτος-Greek pronounced artos). If it had been a Seder, lamb and unleavened bread (i.e. άζΰμος-Greek pronounced atzumos) would have been eaten. See Matthew 26:26, Mark 14:22 and Luke 22:19. 

April 9, 27 AD                            Nisan 14                            Preparation Day Night
        Between midnight and dawn on Wednesday morningYeshua/Jesus endured            EIGHT illegal trials and two scourging’s. THREE trials were held by the Religious             Leaders; ONE trial was before King Herod; and FOUR trials & the two scourging’s             were before Pontius Pilate.

April 9, 27 AD                            Nisan 14                            Preparation Day Morning

NOTE-1: The primary meaning of the Greek word stauros that was translated as “a cross” in the New Testament; was an impaling stake. Obviously, the Greek language did not include a word for two crossed impaling stakes. This refutes the notion that “crosses” were ever used to crucify criminals. The “cross” was an invention of the Roman Church so Christians would have an Icon to serve as an instrument of worship.
NOTE-2: Exodus 12:8-9 states the Paschal lamb must be roasted in fire; not boiled or eaten raw. So a spit (impaling stake) had to pierce the lamb from its nose to its rump, so it could be roasted. Jesus’ hands were nailed (pierced) to an impaling stake (spit), and he was hanged on a tree so he could be accursed by GOD in our place, as stated in Galatians 3:13, and prophesied in Deuteronomy 21:22-23. 

April 9, 27 AD                            Nisan 14                            Preparation Day Noon Hour
          On Wednesday around noon (the 6thhour, Mark 15:33), the daylight ceased and the             landscape turned into darkness for the next three hours. The slaughter of the              lambs was put on hold.

April 9, 27 AD                            Nisan 14                            Preparation Day Afternoon

April 9, 27 AD                            Nisan 15                            Interrment in a Tomb
​           Wednesday at sundown, Yeshua/Jesus was interred in, Joseph of Arimathea's              tomb near the top of Olivet, where only rich people were allowed to be buried               (see Matthew 27:57-60). 

April 9/10, 27 AD                       Nisan 15                            High Sabbath of the Passover
            On Wednesday at sundown until Thursday at sundown, the women rested on              Nisan 15, which was the Lunar High Sabbath of the Passover. Yeshua/Jesus                 spent the first of his three days in the Heart of the Earth (Matthew 12:40).

April 11, 27 AD                            Nisan 16                            The Women Prepare Spices
          On Friday morning, the women prepared burial spices to anoint Yeshua/Jesus            when the tomb should be opened on Sunday (Luke 23: 54-56)Yeshua/Jesus was               spending his second day in the Heart of the Earth.

April 11/12, 27 AD                        Nisan 17                         Women Rest on 7thDay Sabbath
            On Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown, the women rested on the 7thDay              Sabbath. Yeshua/Jesus was spending his third day in the Heart of the Earth.

April 12/13, 27 AD                             Nisan 18                            The RESURRECTION! 
            Yeshua/Jesus exited the tomb around midnight.
NOTE-1:From midnight Wednesday night (Nisan 15 & April 9/10) when the death angel was allowed to send Yeshua/Jesus into the Heart of the Earth; until He arose on Saturday night at midnight; Yeshua/Jesus arose ON THE 3rd-DAY. See Mark 9:31.
NOTE-2: From Wednesday afternoon (Nisan 14 & April 9) when Yeshua/Jesus died and was interred; until He arose on Saturday night at midnight; Yeshua/Jesus arose AFTER THE 3rd-DAY. See Mark 8:31.

April 13, 27 AD                            Nisan 18                            Mary visited the Tomb

May 24, 27 AD                            Iyar 29                                Ascension into a Cloud
            Forty days later on, Iyar 29 & May 24, Saturday morning & a  7th-Day Sabbath,               Yeshua/Jesus ascended into a cloud while his Disciples watched.

May 29/30, 27CE                         Sivan 6                              Pharisees’ Day of Pentecost
            The Pharisees concluded their all-night prayer session on Friday morning and no              incidents were noted.

May 31 & June 1, 27 AD        Sivan 8 (the 50th Day)         Sadducees' Day of Pentecost
In Retrospect​

A Firstfruits Ritual was KEY to dating the First Advent

    The Pharisees and Sadducees were dominant forces in Temple affairs during the 1st-Centuries BCE & CE. A contentious dogma divided them regarding when to start the “Counting of the Omer.” But in 7BCE, the disparate rules forced them to start the count on the same day; so Luke used this anomaly to proclaim the precise year, month, and date of the Nativity of Yeshua/Jesus; to Theophilus, an esteemed aristocrat.
 See Luke 1:1-4, and pages 9-15 in the ISIS ISIL PDF file on the home page of this Website. 
However, in 27CE, they began the count on their divergent days, so Luke wrote; when the Day of Pentecost had FULLY come (see Acts 2:1, KJV, NKJV & AMP) to indicate that day was the second observance of Pentecost that year.

The Case against a Friday Crucifixion

   Until about the 1990's, the "Church" assumed a 33AD Crucifixion was simply an uncontestable fact. The simple reason being: the Catholic Church had decided in 325AD the Crucifixion should be observed on a Friday, because Jesus died on a day before a Sabbath, and he arose on a day following a Sabbath. And the only year the Passover had fallen on a Friday between 27AD and 34AD (This according to the Orthodox Jewish Calendar – the Rabbinic Calendar had not yet been invented), was in the year 33CE (i.e. AD). This seemed so logical!!!???
  HOWEVER: The Greek Texts of all FOUR GOSPELS declare; there were TWO PREPARATION DAYS and TWO SABBATHS between the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Yeshua/Jesus. In order for the Crucifixion Week to have contained two Sabbaths and two Preparation Days during the Crucifixion Week, the Crucifixion had to have taken place on a WEDNESDAY.
  So, no matter how many Messianic Rabbis or PhD Theology professors declare Jesus was crucified in either 28AD, 29AD, 30AD, 31AD, or 32AD the Orthodox Jewish Lunar Calendar confirms: Not only did the Passover NEVER fall on a Friday during any of these years, but NEITHER did the Passover ever fall on a Wednesday during any of these years.
NOTE: The Crucifixion and Resurrection dates are addressed in more detail on pages 28-32 in the ISIS ISIL PDF Downloadable File on the home page of this website. They are addressed in dramatized detail in Forty-Two Months and Ten Toes, The Perfect Jewish Calendar, Trafford Publications, ©Copyright 2008 & 2013 by Westerly Tressler. ISBN: 978-1-4907-1368-7(e) 


   There was ONLY ONE DAY on which the Birth of Yeshua/Jesus could have taken place between the creation of Adam and the End-of-the-Age. The GOD of Abraham appointed that DAY, and Yeshua/Jesus was born on that DAY. The reason the GREAT SIGN was given to John was to confirm the LEVITICAL 23 PROPHECIES of the FIRST ADVENT had been fulfilled on the APPOINTED DATES; and the LEVITICAL 23 PROPHECIES of the SECOND ADVENT will also be fulfilled on the APPOINTED DATES......WITHOUT FAIL!!!
    However, neither the Rabbis, nor the Theologians, nor the Secularists will be able to determine the apropos Festivals that GOD will utilize to fulfill the Appointed Dates of the End-of-the-Age; nor during which years, months & days they will be fulfilled; until after the events have taken place. 
Knowing the truth, about the Appointed Time of the Nativity or Crucifixion is NOT necessary in order for a person to be a "Born Again" Believer?
   If you confess with your mouth the LORD Jesus,
 and believe in your heart that GOD has raised him from the dead,
 you will be saved.  Romans 10:9, NKJV

Will knowing the truth be beneficial for Unbelievers after the witnessing "Spirit of the LORD" is withdrawn for the End-of-the-Age?     Yeshua/Jesus said:
   False Messiahs and false prophets will rise,
                     and show great signs and wonders to deceive,
                                   if possible, even the electMatthew 24:24, NKJV

Important Disclaimers

I, Westerly Tressler, do NOT claim any “gift” of prophecy; nor do I claim any “gift” for interpreting Bible prophecies; nor have I had any visions or ever heard the LORD audibly speak to me. The information presented here is the result of my research into mysteries veiled in the Jewish Festivals as they relate to Genesis 3:15, and the 7thDay Sabbaths, and the Jewish Lunar High Sabbaths outlined in Leviticus, chapter 23. My literal interpretation of the Old and New Testaments, and my utilization of the Orthodox Jewish Lunar Calendar, has allowed this new and unique dimension in biblical research. My rationale has also been guided by celestial and historical facts, along with many concepts revealed to me during my nighttime “dream-meditations.” The readers may decide whether these revelations and concepts are Westerly’s; or if they were given by the SPIRIT of YHVH the LORD.      ~  Westerly Tressler Th.B.


According to Masoretic Text, Leonard S. Davidow, 1960 & 1957. The text of this Bible was ©copyrighted in 1955,
 by the Jewish Publication Society of America, The Menorah Press, Chicago. Used by Permission.

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Translated by RH Charles D.Litt. D.D., Published 1917, Scanned at, June 2004 –
This text consists of: Fragments of the Book of Enoch, and Fragments of the Book of Noah.
 (Website author’s note: Enoch was no doubt Sacred Scripture during the 1st-Century. 
Verses 14-15 in The Epistle of Jude were quoted from Enoch 1:9.)


The Crucifixion and Resurrection Dates are addressed in some detail on
 pages 28-32 in the "ISIS ISIL" PDF FILE on the home page of

They are addressed in dramatized detail in the Book:
Forty-Two Months and Ten Toes, The Perfect Jewish Calendar,
Trafford Publications, ©Copyright 2013, by Westerly Tressler. 

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NOTE; The Book of Revelation tells of events that will happen in the future. But in Revelation 12:1-9, John Time-Traveled    "BACK TO THE FUTURE" and showed how the Nativity of Yeshua/Jesus on, Tishri 15 & September 28, in 6 BCE, occurred on the exact date foretold by the convening of a conglomerate of Constellations, Planets, Festivals, 7th-Day Sabbaths, and certain High Sabbaths & Appointed Times in Leviticus 23:1-44. This assures us that every future event described in the Book of Revelation will take place at the precise Time Appointed; WITHOUT FAIL!

*NOTE: Triradiate (trī-rᾱ´-dē-it) adj. means: “Having three rays, or three ray-like projections.”
The Greek word for star (αστήρ) means: “a star, a luminous body like a star, or a luminary.”

The following Narrative deciphers John's Vision
NOTE: The Magi (Wise Men) also observed this first conjunction taking place while they were still in Babylon in the East.
SPECIAL NOTE: In 7BCE, the three every 900-year’s Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, had occurred during May, October and December. This was followed in 6BCE by the Conjoining of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, that occurs every 805-year’s, around the months of September/October. The odds of a similar two-year celestial sequence having ever happened in history, or of ever happening again in the future, are less than once in every 144,900 years. So together, 7BCE and 6BCE were a one-time-only sequential-two-year-period that GOD reserved for ushering in the Nativity of the Messiah. It did NOT just happen to happen! When GOD “Created the Universe,” the courses of the Celestial Bodies were preset, and the Terrestrial Alignments were preplanned; by design!

What magnificent planning by YHVH, a.k.a. YHWH-Jehovah; the ONE & ONLY;

NOTE-1: Documentation for the “Priest's Garment” is on page 304, reference "b" of Forty-Two Months, ©Copyright 2013. 
NOTE-2: Mary's father, Heli (keh-lee’), was of the House of Aaron. Mary's mother was of the daughters of Shelomith, who was the daughter of Zerubbabel, and named in the line of the Kings of Judah (1stChronicles 3:19). So, Mary was of the daughters of Judah through her mother; and of the House of Levi through her Father; which entitled Yeshua/Jesus to be both the King of kings and the High Priest Forever (see Analysis "D" on pages 458-461 of Forty-Two Months, ©Copyright 2013).
NOTE-3: Joseph was a descendent of Judah through Zerubbabel, and he adopted Yeshua/Jesus as his firstborn son, and legally passed the Scepter/Signet of Judah and Zerubbabel, on to Yeshua/Jesus; see Genesis 49:10 & Haggai 2:23. Also see Rebecca’s Blessings and Isaac’s Prophecies for Levi and Judah in The Book of Jubilees, 31:5-7 and 31:9-20.
In 2003, the U.S Naval Observatory, Astronomical Applications Dept., recommended the book; Marking Time, John Wiley & Sons, ©Copyright 2000 by Dr. Duncan Steel; as a trusted source for solar and lunar data. Westerly was NOT disappointed.
NOTE: This song is still read in Synagogues today on the 7th-Day Sabbath preceding the 1st-day of Hag ha-Bikkurim (i.e. the Feast of First-fruits, a Sunday, according to the Sadducees) regardless of on which numbered day of Nisan it falls.
Nisan 10 ~ Friday pm/Saturday am, 7thDay Sabbath ~ pm: lambs selected. am: lambs inspected.
Nisan 14 ~ Tuesday pm/Wednesday am ~ pm: leavening cast out of homes. am: lambs killed 3pm.
Nisan 15 ~ Wednesday pm/Thursday am ~ pm: Seder eaten after sunset. (NOTE: Nisan 15 was NOT                     YET proclaimed as a Holy Convocation, i.e. a High Sabbath). am: Israelites left Goshen.
Nisan 16 ~ Thursday pm/Friday am ~ pm & am: Israelites were still traveling to the Sea of Reeds.
Nisan 17 ~ Friday pm/Saturday am ~ 7thDay Sabbath ~ pm & am: Israelites rest by Sea of Reeds.
Nisan 18 ~ Saturday pm/Sunday am ~ pm: Israelites passed through the Sea of Reeds and out of Egypt. (This day followed the second 7thDay Sabbath after the Passover, and was later declared as the First Day of Counting the Omer, regardless of on which numbered day of the month it might fall. The Holy Convocation on Nisan 15 would NOT be proclaimed as a High Sabbath until after, Leviticus Chapter 23, had been written and the Israelites had entered the Promised Land). am: The Song of Moses was sung on the opposite shore of the Sea of Reeds.
Past Historians used the death of Augustus Caesar on Tuesday, August 14, 14CE, to determine the 15th-year of Tiberius Caesar’s reign. This misled them to declare 33CE as the year of the Crucifixion, because they believed he died on a Friday, and it was the only year between 27CE and 33CE that the Passover took place on a Friday. But, Tiberius was appointed as Joint Emperor with Augustus in the fall of 10CE after he returned from his German Military Campaigns. Luke, desiring for his head to remain attached to his neck; used Roman “inclusive descending counting,” so the years of Tiberius’ reign as Emperor included 9CE. Thus, Luke wrote; Tiberius was in his 15th-year when Jesus was about 30 years old.
In 27CE the vernal equinox occurred around 4am on Sunday, March 23. One or two days later, Inferior Conjunction of the new moon occurred, wherein the moon became dark and invisible by the morning of March 25. On March 26, the Crescent of the Astronomical New Moon was sighted on the western horizon from several of Israel’s mountains at about 7pm, so the Sanhedrin declared the month of Nisan had begun at sundown on Wednesday, March 26. By counting March 26/27 as Nisan 1; Nisan 10 (the Anointing & Triumphal Entry) occurred on April 4/5, a Friday/Saturday. Nisan 11 (the Temple Cleansing) occurred on April 6, a Sunday. On Nisan 14 (Preparation Day) the Bedikat Hametz (The LORD’s Supper) was observed on Tuesday evening, April 8; and Yeshua/Jesus died at 3pm on Wednesday,  April 9.
NOTE-1: Google US Naval Observatory, Spring Phenomena, 25BCE to 38CE; for the Astronomical New Moon times.
NOTE-2: How did the Jews know the days on which the vernal equinoxes occurred? The two Chapiters on top of each of the two Bronze Pillars in front of the Temple pointed to that day. Both Chapiters (called “Capitals” in most Bible versions) were bowl shaped; similar to a Palestinian (Israeli) Lily or a modern day satellite dish. An intricate network of decorative ornaments cast shadows and/or refracted light-beams onto the convex surface of each Chapiter for determining the equinoxes. Also, the fronts of both the First and Second Temples faced precisely east, so they aligned with Solomon's original Eastern Shushan Gate (Shushan means Lily); and the place where the Red Heifers were sacrificed on the top of the Mt. of Olives. Today’s closed East Gate sits on top of Solomon’s original Eastern Gate. For a description of the Chapiters, see 1st-Kings 7:15-22 & 40-42; and 2nd-Chronicles 3:15-17 & 4:11-13. For movement of the two Bronze Pillars and their two Chapiters to Babylon in 586BCE, and back to Jerusalem in 535BCE, see Jeremiah 52:17-23 and Ezra 1:7-11.
On Saturday morning, now Nisan 10 & April 5, Yeshua/Jesus made His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem to present Himself as the “Unblemished Paschal Lamb." In 27CE, it was the morning after the lambs had been selected at sundown on Friday. While the people's lambs were being inspected for blemishes at the Sheep Gate by the priests, Yeshua/ Jesus was being inspected for blemishes by His Father in front of the Temple Sanctuary. It was also, The Great Sabbath (i.e. Shabbat ha Gadol, the 7thDay Sabbath prior to the Passover). Then he returned to Bethany without having desecrated the Sabbath.
On Sunday morning, Nisan 11, Yeshua/Jesus left Bethany and cursed a certain Fig Tree near the top of Mt. Olivet. When he entered Jerusalem, he “Cleansed the Temple” by driving the money-changers and sellers of sacrificial doves from off, Sekhorah the Rock, located in the center of the Court of the Gentiles. Jesus then spent the rest of the day on Sunday, teaching and healing the people; and contending with the Religious Leaders.
On Monday, Yeshua/Jesus continued teaching and healing the people and contending with the religious leaders. When Yeshua/Jesus cited the TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS, the religious leaders refrained from asking him any more questions, because they were unable to discredit his wisdom.
Tuesday evening after sunsetYeshua/Jesus met with his Twelve Disciples, along with the other men, women, and children who had followed him from Galilee; and observed the Bedikat Hametz (this is a Jewish family ritual meal mandated in Exodus 12:15, wherein all leavening is to be ejected from the homes). It means “Purging of the Leavening.” Judas Iscariot (who embodied the leavening of sin) was purged from the room during this meal the Church calls, THE LAST SUPPER. Later, around midnight, Judas betrayed Yeshua/Jesus with the famous "kiss of betrayal."
Around 9am (the 3rdhour, see Mark 15:25on Wednesday morningYeshua/Jesus’ hands were nailed to an impaling stake and he was hanged on the Cursed Tree on the top of Olivet, in an upright position with his arms stretched out, forming a configuration like that of a “Cross.”
On Wednesday around 3pm, the darkness withdrew and the daylight returned.  Yeshua/Jesus died, and an earthquake followed that caused the veil of the Temple to tear from the top to the bottom (Matthew 27:51 & Mark 15:34-38). The earthquake had closely followed the darkness, so none of the paschal lambs selected by the Jews were killed. Yeshua/Jesus was the ONLY Selected Paschal Lamb that died during the Passover of 27AD.
The time from sundown Saturday evening and into the midnight hours, was “Early on the First Day of the Week.” Mary Magdalene visited the empty tomb sometime during the midnight hours. Peter and John also visited the empty tomb shortly after Mary did. Later at dawn, Mary Magdalene again visited the tomb, but with the other women. When the other women ran away after seeing the angel, Mary became the first to behold Yeshua/Jesus after His Resurrection.
Around sunset on Saturday, May 31, the disciples gathered near the rock called Sekhorah (Sekhorah means “to merchandise”) that sat in the center of the Temple Enclosure (the Temple Sanctuary sat toward the north and west; where the Dome of the Spirits sits today). Sekhorah is the same rock that today is housed in the Muslims’ Dome of the Rock. After midnight; now Sunday, June 1; Shavuot, the Day of Pentecost, had FULLY come; and cloven tongues of fire sat upon each disciple. They began speaking out in Hebrew, and everyone in the Temple complex that heard them; heard them speaking in their own languages and local dialects. Then Peter used the rock as a platform from where he preached his sermon; and about 3000 souls were baptized into the name of Yeshua/Jesus.
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The case FOR the Church to observe the Crucifixion of Jesus on a Friday

Observant Jews seldom keep the Passover Feast on the correct day, due to their utilization of Hillel’s Rabbinic Lunar Calendar. Even so, some Orthodox Jews may utilize the USNO Astronomical New Moon sighting times so as to correctly observe the Passover on the correct day.

However, it was prophetic that the Church would be allowed to observe the Passover (i.e. the Crucifixion of Jesus) on a Friday, around or near the full moon of Nisan.

The LORD told Moses, in Numbers 9:9-11 (paraphrased), If anyone of you or your posterity is unclean because of a corpse (i.e. the dead body of Jesus), or is far away on a journey (i.e. cannot attend the Passover at the Temple), he may yet keep the Passover on the 14th-day of the 2nd-month at twilight (i.e. noon to 3:00pm).

 At the Exodus, the Passover on, Nisan 14, fell on a Wednesday; and the 14th-day of the 2nd-month (Iyar 14), fell on a Friday.
Should not Christians then, observe the Passover at a Good Friday Church Service, from noon to 3:00 pm?

The case for the Church to observe the Nativity of Jesus in December

Observant Jews celebrate all, or part of, the Festival of Lights named,       Chanukkah or
Hanukkah during December.

In 7BCE, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was observing the 1st-night of Hanukkah when the angel Gabriel visited her on, Kislev 25 & December 15; and enunciated the name YESHUA! The name of the Messiah had been hidden since before the foundations of the earth were laid, and Mary was the first hear that name correctly enunciated. 

1st-Enoch LXIX (69):14   (paraphrased)  reads; the (fallen) angel Kasbe`el requested that the archangel Michael show him the hidden name, so he might enunciate it in the Oath, so others might quake before him when he uttered that name…! This is why the prophet Isaiah called him “Immanuel” (i.e. GOD is with us) in 7:14.

 The conception was complete on the 8th-day of Hanukkah, Tibet 2/3 & December 23, in 7BCE. So it is apparently okay to celebrate the Nativity on December 25th, because the Nativity of Jesus actually began during Hanukkah in 7BCE.