Forty-Two Months and Ten Toes, The Perfect Jewish Calendar
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About Westerly Tressler
About Our Website
   I was eight years old when America entered World War II. Coveted rationing stamps limited where we could go and what we could eat or wear. There was also an unwritten but practiced social structure that placed Whites, Blacks, Indians, Gypsies and Jews into well defined social classes. 

    In 1950-1955, I attended college and earned my ThB degree. The professors were first-rate except they implied Christianity had replaced Jewish mores. This contradicted my childhood teachings and I determined to someday delve into the Jewish customs. 

    In 1988, I began an intensive "self-study" of the Jewish and Christian Traditions. The parallels between the Exodus Passover and the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, intrigued me. I discovered they were intrinsically interrelated. In order to better understand this correlation, I began reading Rabbinical books on Judaism, Jewish History,  the Jewish Festivals, the Jewish Lunar Calendar; and both the Jewish and Christian Bibles.

   A new world of knowledge and understanding opened up to me. I started organizing these precepts by teaching them to my children. From there my endeavor progressed into "OUR APPROACH," which is: Comparing the Jewish rituals and Customs that permeated the mind-set of the writers of the Bible, with Church Traditions that are almost totally incompatible with ancient Jewish practices.

TORAH BIBLE RIDDLES is a family supported endeavor, domiciled in Owosso, Michigan. The narratives and rationale portrayed on this website have been written and produced by Westerly Tressler. Lynnette, my daughter, originated and continues to manage and update the website.

OUR ENDEAVOR is to provide evidence to Agnostic Jews and Agnostic Gentiles that absolutely no alleged contradictions exist between the Tanach (the Old Testament) and the New Testament, nor between the four Gospels.

Westerly Tressler utilizes correctly translated Bible verses, along with the little understood Jewish rituals and customs, to refute claims by Atheists and Agnostics that various CONTRADICTIONS or INTERRUPTIONS exist in the Bible. 

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