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1stEnoch Text References
NOTE: The Book of 1stEnoch may be viewed on the website of Go to "Ancient Texts," click on "Book of Enoch."

1:9 ~ Behold! He cometh with ten thousands of His holy ones to execute judgment upon all, and to destroy all the ungodly: and to convict all flesh of all the works of their ungodliness, which they have ungodly committed, and of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him<Compare this verse with verses 14-15 in the Epistle of Jude

10:4-5 ~- The Lord said to Raphael: Bind *Azaz`el hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness; and make an opening in the desert, which is in Duda`el, and cast him therein. Place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there forever, and cover his face that he may not see light. 

10:8 ~ The whole earth has been corrupted by the works that were taught by Azaz`el: to him ascribe all sin. 

60:1-7 ~ In the year 500 <this was 2882BCE>in the seventh month < prior to the Exodus, *Abib, i.e., Nisan, was the 7th month> on the fourteenth day of the month in the life of Enoch<Nisan 14 is the day on which Jesus was "crucified"> On that day were two monsters parted, a female monster named Leviathan, to dwell in the abysses of the ocean....(the text is continued in 60:8).  

60:8 ~ But the male is named Behemoth, who occupied with his breast a waste wilderness named Duida`in, on the east of the garden<Duida`in in the text was corrupted, so it was probably Duda`el in the wilderness of *Shinar, i.e., Babylon> 

60:24-25 ~ These two monsters, prepared conformably to the greatness of GOD, shall feed (i.e. be activated) when the punishment of the LORD of SPIRITS shall rest upon them, it shall rest in order that the punishment of the LORD of SPIRITS may not come, in vain .Afterward the judgment shall take place. 

69:3-13 <Azaz`el's six arch demons are named> 

69:6 ~ The third was named Gadre`el: he it is who showed the children of men all the blows of death, and he led astray Eve. 

69:9 ~ The fourth was named Penem`ue. he taught them all the secrets of their wisdom, and he instructed mankind in writing with ink and paper. 

Ch. 72-75 <The Laws for the 364-day years that existed between 3102BCE and 2348BCE are explicated>  

77:4-8 ~ I saw seven mountains, higher than all the mountains, which are on the earth. Seven great islands I saw in the sea and in the mainland: two in the mainland and five in the Great Sea. 

80:1-8 ~ In the days of the sinners the years shall be shortened, and the rain shall be kept back, and the moon shall alter her order, and not appear at her time, and in those days the sun shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light, and many chiefs of the stars shall alter their orbits and not appear at the seasons prescribed to them.

Many Believers in Yeshua/Jesus (myself included) assume the DAY OF THE LORD is imminent. But Satan has been staging spurious End-of-the-Age routines for 2000 years. So! Is the present global turmoil a sign the "Rapture" is near? Or, is it simply another satanic deception?
~ You decide! 



Surely I come quickly!

Even so, come, LORD Jesus!

~ Revelation 22:20, KJV ~










Millennial Kingdom




Shi`a Mahdi 

Shari`a Law 




Temple Mount




Abib means "ear of corn." Prior to the Exodus, Abib was the seventh month of the Jewish year. At the Exodus it became the first month, and is known by its Babylonian name of Nisan. Jesus was pierced "crucified" on Nisan 14. Back

See the 16th chapter of Leviticus, JPS 1955. The name Azaz`el is translated as "scapegoat" in Christian Bibles, see chapter 16 in NKJV. Back

An Islamic king. Back

A dynasty consisting of successive Caliphs. Back

Eight is the number of completion in the Bible. Unleavened Bread, Tabernacles and Hanukkah all end on their Eighth Days. Back

The Jewish Festivals are called Feasts of the LORD by the Church, and Appointed Seasons by Rabbinic Judaism. An alignment of a Lunar High Sabbath with a 7thDay Sabbath can be an Appointed Time of the LORD during which a Messianic event may occur. Back

An Islamic religious leader of a mosque. Back

The Book of Islam that Mohammed wrote by copying from the first five books of the Bible known as the Torah, or the Pentateuch. Back

This is the Hebrew title for Christ. Back

Every human on earth possesses Eve's Mitochondrial-DNA. Males receive this Mitochondrial-DNA from their mothers, but do not pass it on to any of their children. Mitochondrial-DNA is only passed on to the offspring by the females. (Neanderthals & Cro-Magnons did not possess any Eve Mitochondrial DNA.) Back

This is the 1000-year Kingdom that will be ruled by Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. Back

These were giant-children of the 200 watcher-angels that cohabitated with the daughter's of men in Genesis 6. Back

A prediction of a future event that is not based on any obvious factual evidence. Back

Three Bible Riddles are posed in Genesis 3:15. The Festivals of Leviticus provided their solutions; but only after they had been fulfilled. The solutions depended on how the Festivals were placed on the Jewish Temple Observation Calendar, and how the accompanying mandated rituals were celebrated. Multiple examples of the Riddle solutions are detailed in Forty-Two Months and Ten Toes, The Perfect Jewish Calendar. Back

This is the Islamic "messiah" that is supposed to usher in an Islamic New World Order after all the Jews and Christians have been destroyed. Back

This is the religious law of Islam. Back

From Shelomith to Mary: The descendent sons of the High Priests from the houses' of Jehozadak, Helem, Tobijah, Jedaiah, and Hen; propagated the daughters and granddaughters of Shelomith (see Zechariah 3:1-4:14, 6:9-15 & 12:10-14). Mary was the daughter of a High Priest named Heli. Mary's mother was a matriarchal descendent of King David through the granddaughters of his son Nathan, including Shelomith. Back 

A wilderness in the land of Babylon that is in Iraq today. Back

This is the place where the "mythical" gods of old were consigned. It is also known as the Netherworld, Hades, and Hell. They are bound in chains awaiting the Great White Throne Judgement. They may be loosed for the End-of-the-Age events. Back

The site on which Solomon's Temple, and later Zerubbabel's Temple, were built. The Dome of the Rock was erected over the rock called Sekhorah (meaning to Merchandize), and still sits in the Court of the Gentiles south of the Temple site. The Holy Place in Solomon's Temple covered the Eben Shetiyyah, which was the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. Today, the Eben Shetiyyah that is situated north of the Dome of the Rock, is covered by the Dome of the Tablets (also called the Dome of the Spirits). Back

An angel that is a Messenger. They were assigned to observe what was going on in the Universe as their name suggests. Back

It's certain to happen, but it's not an absolute. Back

This is the Hebrew name for Jesus. Back

There are Four Sections on this page:
i. Who are the Beasts of the Apocalypse?
​ii. Important Author Disclaimer's
iii. The Eight Empires in Daniel, and ISIS & ISIL.
iv. Sagacity regarding the Eighth Empire.
i. Who are the Beasts of the Apocalypse?

ONE BEAST existed before Adam was created
    Eon's before the creation of Adam, there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and his angels, and there was no longer a place in heaven for the dragon. The great dragon was cast out; that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan, and his angels were cast to the earth with him (see Revelation 12:7-9)This is the same dragon that millennia later stood before the Woman (i.e. the Virgin) who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it (i.e. HeYeshua/Jesus) was born (see Revelation 12:1-5 and Matthew 2:7-18).

TWO BEASTS were named 534 years before, Noah's Flood in 2348BCE (BC)
    ENOCH 60:1-8 names these monsters. In the year 500 (i.e. 2882BCE), in the seventh month  (i.e. Abib) (NOTE: Abib, i.e. Nisan, was the seventh month prior to the Exodus), on the fourteenth day of the month in the life of Enoch (NOTE: 2909 years later in 27CEYeshua/Jesus was Pierced (i.e. "crucified") on Nisan 14. Nisan became the first month at the Exodus from Egypt)….on that day were two monsters parted, a female monster named Leviathan, to dwell in the abysses of the ocean. But the male is named Behemoth, who occupied with his breast a waste wilderness named Duida`in, on the east of the garden (i.e. Eden). Duida`in in the text was corrupted. It was likely Duda`el in the Wilderness of Shinar, in Babylonia (i.e. Iraq).
                   The same TWO BEASTS are identified in the Bible and in the Book of Enoch
Psalm 74:13-14 states: both monsters had multiple heads, but they are spoken of as being one monster. However, the context also states Leviathan's heads were harassed in the sea, and Behemoth was banished to the wilderness. Thus, there were two monsters.
Psalm 104:26 states: Leviathan swam in the Seas with the sailing ships. (She sounds foreboding!)
Job 41:1-11 & 31-32 states: men are not capable of subduing Leviathan. Only the LORD can subdue and destroy Leviathan, and He will do so in His own timing and at His own discretion. (Sounds Demonic!)
Job 40:15-24, 41:12-30 & 33-34 declares: Behemoth was made before the creation of the earth; and he is king over all the children of pride (i.e. those who disdain the LORD).
Isaiah 27:1 says: in the DAY OF THE LORD (i.e. Daniel's Seventieth Week, a.k.a., the Seven Year Great Tribulation) Leviathan will attempt to avoid its punishment, but the LORD will slay that twisted serpent. 
ENOCH 60:24-25 says: these two monsters will arise and be active during the DAY OF THE LORD.

The THIRD BEAST is named in Leviticus and in the Book of Enoch
    Leviticus 16 discribes the Day of Atonement, a.k.a. Yom Kippur, which is observed on the 10thDay of Tishri (i.e. in the Jewish 7thMonth). Leviticus 16:8 & 10, JPS1955 reads; Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats: one lot for the LORD (this goat was offered for the sins of the people, so they could observe the Day of Atonement) and the other lot for Azazel (Azazel is translated as “the scapegoat” in Christian Bibles)….the goat on which the lot fell for Azazel shall be set alive before the LORD, to make atonement over him, to send him away for Azazel into the wilderness (The sins of the congregation of Israel during the past year were laid upon the head of this goat, and it was sent to a desolate place to die. On Yom Kippur at the End-of-the-Age, the sins of Jews, from Adam and from the Resurrection of Yeshua/Jesus to the last Jew standing, will be forgiven on Yom Kippur. NOTE: Azazel depicts Satan in the book of Enoch).

    ENOCH 10:4–5 & 8, reads: The Lord said to Raphael: (Raphael is one of GOD’s seven archangels) Bind Azaz`el hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness; and make an opening in the desert, which is in Duda`el, and cast him therein. Place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there forever, and cover his face that he may not see light….The whole earth has been corrupted by the works that were taught by Azaz`el: to him ascribe all sin. (NOTE: At the Resurrection of Yeshua/Jesus, Azaz`el was imprisoned in Duda`el, and will be confined there until the beginning of the End-of-the-Age. Until that time, his six arch-demons are doing his bidding by directing his satanic forces. Azaz`el is the beast that arises out of the earth, see Revelation 13:11-18.
ii. Important Author Disclaimers

    Westerly is not a prophet, nor has he ever heard GOD speak to him audibly. Westerly is not a visionary, nor does he claim any "gift" for interpreting Bible Prophecies. However, Westerly often prays for the LORD to reveal answers to him. The information presented in this PDF/booklet is based on his extensive research into the Biblical “Riddles” veiled in the Jewish rituals, festivals, and calendar, as they were practiced and adhered to by Jews during all three "Temple Times' Eras"
 (i.e. Moses' Tabernacle era, Solomon's 1stTemple era, and Zerubbabel's 2ndTemple era.
    The apocalyptic accounts of events herein are also based on Westerly’s research, along with his personal cogitations, and consequential rationale. The Festivals (i.e. the Feasts of the LORD), a.k.a., the Appointed Times of the LORD, have already assigned certain episodes and dates to the End-of-the-Age events. However, no one will know how and when they will be fulfilled until after they have been fulfilled (see the ISIS & ISIL II pdf file, posted on this,, home page).
IV. Here Is Sagasity To Consider:

All THREE BEASTS will be activated during the Eighth Empire

The FIRST Beast

    In Revelation 13:1, NKJV, John said: I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns. This beast is Leviathan. She is likely the Worldwide Economic and Political System, which includes the western “Rome/Byzantine 1stFoot of iron and clay.” The FIVE TOES on this Euro/Islamic 1stFoot represent Islam's tentacles that attempt to control worldwide events. The FIVE TOES on the 2ndFoot represent Islam's attempt to destroy Israel during the Eighth World Empire.

The SECOND Beast

    In Revelation 17:3-5, NKJV, John said: He carried me away into the wilderness (i.e. Shinar, Iraq), and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast….having seven heads and ten horns….and on her forehead a name written: “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. This beast is Behemoth, see Zachariah 5:5-11. Verses 6-8 read; This is the measure….and this is a woman sitting in the midst of the measure. This is Wickedness. Verses 10-11 read; Whither do these bear the measure? And he said unto me: To build her a house in the land of Shinar; and when it is prepared, she shall be set there in her own place. 

    THE OLD CITY OF BABYLON IN IRAQ WILL NEVER BE REBUILT. Isaiah 13:19-22 reads: Babylon, the glory of kingdoms….will be as when GOD overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. It will never be inhabited….from generation to generation….But wild beasts of the desert will lie there.

    MYSTERY BABYLON and its global consequences: O thou that dwellest upon many waters, abundant in treasures, thine end has come….How is Sheshack taken! And the praise of the whole earth seized! How is Babylon become an astonishment among the nations? The sea is come up upon Babylon; she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof (see Jeremiah 51:13 & 41–42, JPS 1955). Jeremiah called Babylon Sheshack! Sheshack is a cypher for Babel (see Jeremiah 25:26, ref. “a” in the JPS 1955). In the NKJV, Sheshack is a code word for Babylon (see Jeremiah 25:26 ref. 4, and 51:41 ref. 3). NOTE: The Greek word Βαβυλώνο (i.e. the genitive case of Babylon) was used in Matthew 1:11, 12 & 17, for the lineage of Jesus. So Matthew was referring to the environs of the Old City of Babylon in Iraq that is landlocked to this day. In Revelation 14:8, 16:19, 17:5, 18:2, 10 & 21, John used the title Βαβυλών Η Μεγάλη (i.e. Greek for Babylon the Megalith). This would be equivalent to Sheshack as the encoded name for MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT (see Revelation 17:5). WALL STREET, the financial center of WORLD TRADE, is located in New York City and is surrounded by water on every side. Two oceans flank the U.S. mainland, making NYC vulnerable to a deluge from a major hurricane, a gigantic tsunami, or both in concert with one another (Westerly is just cogitating).

The Third Beast

    In Revelation 13:11, John said: I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. This is Azaz`el trying to impersonate the LAMB of GOD (who is the Judeo-Christian Messiah), and Azaz`el is also he of whom the LORD said: “to him ascribe all sin.” This beast is known by his Greek name Άπολλώ (i.e., Apollo or Apollyon), and his Hebrew names of Άβαδδό (i.e., Abaddo or Abaddon) and Azaz`el (i.e. the Scapegoat). Each name has six letters, as does Ali`lah (the Arabic for Allah). All are connotative of 666 or DCLXVI, when translated back into the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic (see Revelation 9:11 & 13:18).
    This Third Beast will attempt to change the Appointed Times the LORD has established for the events during the Islamic Eighth Empire to occur. The sequence and timing of these events are not simply prophesied to happen. They are predestined to happen. So Azaz`el will use every means at his disposal to try to prevent them from occurring at the precise Appointed Times. Even so, the LORD will cleverly utilize Azaz`el's attempted “roadblocks” to make the events occur at His Appointed Times. 
    Azaz`el, and his six arch demons, will likely control the seven heads on each of the first two beasts, all of which are intrinsic parts of the two beasts. So, both have seven heads with blasphemous names. Enoch declared the third beast was to be thrust into an opening in the wilderness of Shinar. Did John witness a temporary release of Azaz`el from his prison? Might this beast with two horns like a lamb deceive the reprobate nations into believing he is a resurrected messiah? Might he be the “Islamic Shi`a Mahdi?” There are credible rumors that the opening (i.e., a pit, or a well as described in colloquial Arabic) has been found, and no one who has descended into it, has ever ascended out of it. 


    ISHMAEL & ISIL: When Abraham was 86 years old (i.e. in 1862BCE), the angel of the LORD told Hagar that Ishmael, her son by Abraham, would be “a wild ass of a man: his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the face of all his brethren” (see Genesis 16:12 JPS1955). Ishmael’s twelve sons are named and called “princes” in, Genesis 25:13–16. His authenticated descendants are regarded by ISIL as royalty; and the heads of Ishmael’s Descendant Family Tribes have virtually always been addressed as Caliph’s (i.e. as King’s). The sons of Keturah, Abraham’s second wife, are named in Genesis 25:1–4. The sons of Abraham’s concubines are referred to but not named in Genesis 25:6. These comprise a greater part of the Middle Eastern peoples.
    The centuries old conflict between Abraham’s sons, Ishmael and Isaac, has continued to this present day. There is little doubt the final conflict in this world will be between the descendants of the twelve princes of Ishmael, including the sons of Abraham’s concubines and his second wife Keturah on the one hand; and the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel on the other hand. During that time, Azaz`el and his six arch-demons (see Enoch 69:3-13) will seduce all the world’s nations into joining an Ishmael-Arab coalition of Islamic nations that will seek to annihilate Israel. 

    ISRAEL, ISIS & ISIL: The Eighth World Empire seems to currently be in an emergent stage. ISIS  is an acronym for, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria; and it may be the first TOE-KING of Empire #8. It includes remnants of the previous seven world empires, and may likely be a transition into ISIL the acronym for, Islamic States of Iran and the Levant. The Levant (meaning to rise suddenly) includes the states neighboring the eastern Mediterranean Sea coastline; i.e. Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece (some present-day borders may shift, and some contiguous territories may be added to peripheral states)ISIL (i.e. Iran and the Levant), would easily bring the number of Levantine kings to ten. ISIL’s strategic design would also be a “siege-barrier” around Israel. ISILwhich is likely the 8thEmpire), may be ruled by the “Beast” (i.e. Allah-Al`ilah & Satan-diabolus of Revelation 17:11). As of February 2015, Iran had gathered four Islamic Capitals under its control. It appears to be happening in the News. Observe how the LORD will make His  Appointed Times take place in the manner prophesied by the prophets in the Tanach (i.e.the Jewish Old Testament).
    Yeshua/Jesus said: When You SEE ALL These Things: . Many Bible scholars emphasize the word ALL. The emphasis might also be on the word SEE. Satellite television has made a seemingly impossible situation of only a few short years ago, become a common everyday occurrence. I.e., we sit in our living rooms and SEE escalating disasters and world events as they happen, or within minutes or hours thereafter (See Matthew 24:33, NKJV; reference #5, replaces “it” with “He”)

    ISLAM’S GLOBAL REACH: Muslims are awaiting the arrival of their “12thImam” (i.e. the Shi`a Mahdi, shee’-ah mock’-dee), even into this 21stCentury. The TEN-TOE-KINGS are likely Iran and the Levant, and they may attempt to destroy Israel. The TEN-HORN-KINGS on the Beast’s Head (see Daniel 7:19-20 & Revelation 17:12-14) are also Ten Kings. But contrarily, they will have NO kingdoms. Instead, they will likely be ten Islamic Mullahs or Imams under the (Shi`a Mahdi?) who will subjugate Islamic Muslims in each of the ten population areas of the world during the Jews’ Ten Days (i.e. ten years) of Repentance, which occur from Tishri 1 through Tishri 10. Rosh Hashanah on Tishri 1 & 2 are “Days of Awe;” Yom Kippur on Tishri 10 is the Greatest Day of Awe; and Tishri 3-9 are the seven intermediate Days of Penitence. Included within these 10 years are Daniel’s 70thWeek of Years that the Church calls the 7-year Great Tribulation.  

    WHAT DID YESHUA/JESUS SAY ABOUT ISIS? During the Last Supper (i.e.the Bedikat Hametz, i.e. the Purging of the Leavening; NOT a Seder), Jesus said, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think he is offering his pagan gods a service. This scripture is paraphrased from John 16:2, NKJV. The Greek words τώ θєώ for “gods” in this verse refer to the pagan elohim (i.e., any of the numerous pagan gods, including Al`ilah-Allah). In the New Testament the Greek words ό θєόs are used whenever a text refers to the Judeo-Christian’s ONE GOD, i.e. YHVH, YHWH, or Jehovah.

    WHAT IS THE SPIRIT OF ANTI-CHRIST? The Koran and Shari`a Law are the spirit of anti-Christ that will promote a Global Islamic Religion during the Eighth Empire. Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world (see 1stJohn 4:2–3, NIV). The “Spirit of Islam” has been in the world since the time of Abraham, and it continues to dominate the Middle East.

    FROM WHERE DID ISLAM ORIGINATE? Daniel 11:45, JPS 1955; tells us from where Islam originated and still resides: And he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the beauteous holy mountain. This verse may be embellished as follows: And he (all the *Caliphs, from Mohammed to the Shi`a Mahdi combined)shall build the residences of their headquarters between the seas (the Persian Gulf & Gulf of Oman on the EAST; the Arabian Sea & Gulf of Aden on the SOUTH; the Red Sea on the WEST), and the beauteous Holy Mountain (Jerusalem to the NORTH).
    Mohammed wrote the Koran and the Shari`a Law of Islam in Mecca and Medina. These are the “holiest” cities of Islam. It was in Mecca and Medina that Mohammed crystallized the “Maxims of Ishmael” into the “Creeds of Islam.” Daniel 11:45 essentially affirms these two cities are the place from where the sinister Spirit of Anti-Christ originated, and whereat it will be destroyed. Mecca & Medina are in Saudi Arabia, which are both; a. West of the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, b. North of the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden,  c. East of the Red Sea, and d. South of Jerusalem.

    THE DOME OF THE ROCK: A root of Islam (i.e. the Mosque of Omar, a.k.a., the Dome of the Rock) may still be standing on the Temple Mount while the Third Jewish Temple is being erected, as foreseen in Revelation 11:1–2 & Ezekiel 40:2. The two Seventh Empires are yet contending for control of this rock. NOTE: Solomon’s Temple NEVER sat on the rock under the Golden Dome. Ornan's threshing floor (i.e. the Eben-Shetiyyah) that is presently covered by the Dome of the Spirits located north and west of the Dome of the Rock, was the floor of the Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple.

    THE TEN TOES ARE TEN KINGS: The toes….shall be partly strong and partly fragile….They will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another….In the days of these kings the GOD of heaven will set up a kingdom (see Daniel 2:42–44, NKJV). The Ten Toe-Kings may not presently be in power, but they will likely be ten Islamic Caliphs: Five located north and west of Israel toward Europe, and five located south and east of Israel toward Persia; as indicated by the division of the Ten Toes on the Two Feet.

    THE TEN HORNS HAVE NO KINGDOMS: The TEN HORNS in Daniel 7:7–8 & 19–25, are NOT synonymous with the TEN TOES. In Daniel 2:41–44 the TEN TOES are referred to as ten reining kings. Revelation 17:12–14 states the TEN HORNS have no kingdoms, as yet; but they are capable of making war with the LAMB, so they must instead be demonic entities. Or might they also be Ten Islamic Imams that might micromanage the "Islamic New World Order?"

    THE WOMAN SITTING ON BEHEMOTH: She is the economic, religious, and political systems of the world. The seven heads (on the beast) are seven mountains on which the woman sits (see Revelation 17:9, NKJV). ENOCH 77:4–8, describes where the seven highest mountains of the world are located. They are: Mt. Aconcagua in South America, Mt. Elbrus in Europe, Mt. Everest in Asia, Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mt. Kosciusko in Australia, Mt. McKinley in North America, and Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica); one on each of the seven continents. The Woman is NOT referring to the city of Rome that sits on seven hills, because the Woman also sat on the waters (i.e. oceans)
    She is hated by the Ten Horns: Islamic Imams hate the present economic, religious, and political system of the world. The Woman hates the Saints (i.e. both Jews and Christians), as do Islamic Mullahs & Imams, who use repetitive indoctrination, fear, and intrigue to control Muslims, and proselytes to Islam, worldwide.

In the "ISIS ISIL II" pdf on the home page, four End-Time Festivals are named on page 36. In the same manner that Four Major Nativity and Crucifixion/Resurrection Festivals were fulfilled at the Appointed Times; three of the four Festivals yet to be fulfilled will be fulfilled during the End-Times.

​    Rosh Hashanah (the Feast of Trumpets) includes one Lunar High Sabbath on Tishri 1. That High Sabbath is the Day That Nobody Knows The Day Or The Hour, because in Temple Times, no one knew when the Festival would begin until after it had already begun at sundown the night before.
​    The Seven Days of Unleavened Bread includes two Lunar High Sabbaths, i.e. Nisan 15, the 1stDay, and Nisan 21, the 7thDay. These two High Sabbaths will likely commence and conclude the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, which will likely take place in Heaven while Daniel's Seventieth Week of Years (i.e. the 7-year Great Tribulation) takes place down here on the earth.
​    Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) includes one Lunar High Sabbath on Tishri 10. That High Sabbath is the Day of the FIRST RESURRECTION, when every Jew who was part of the Observant Remnant will watch, as Yeshua/Jesus splits the Mount of Olives with His foot. Their sins will be atoned for and they will enter the 1000-year Millennium (see Ezekiel 37:1-14 and Zechariah 12:10).
​    Purim (the Feast of Lots) includes ZERO Lunar High Sabbaths. Purim is observed on either Adar 14 or Veadar 14 (it is recurrently observed in the Jewish 12thMonth or the 13thMonth) around February/March. This “Halloween type Festival” depicts Satan’s demise on his very own, but predestined….
More details as to how they may be fulfilled are in, Analysis H, pages 468-471, of the ©2017 edition of Forty-Two Months and Ten Toes, The Perfect Jewish Calendar.
iii. The Eight Empires in Daniel; and ISIS & ISIL

The Bible names EIGHT World Empires that have existed (or will exist) from NOAH'S FLOOD to the end of THE DAY OF THE LORD

    Only Eight World Empires are depicted in the Bible. Six were, and two will be, situated in the Middle East; and all eight have been activated (or will be activated) sequentially, from the days of Abraham, to the days of ISIS in this 21stCentury. At least part of each empire was (or will be) contiguous to the Land of Israel, so as to alter the economic, political, social, and religious life of Israel.
    E.g.: the empires of China, India, Maya, etc., were never contiguous to the Land of Israel, and as such, were not factors in Israel’s welfare. However, the Eighth World Empire is not only going to affect Israel, but its impact, and the pending activities of the Three Beasts, will have global consequences.
The First Two World Empires
    In Isaiah 52:4, the LORD named Egypt as the first empire, and Assyria as the second empire. The Jewish Publication Society Bible(JPS 1955)and the King James Version (KJV) read: For thus saith the LORD GOD, “My people went down afortime into Egypt to sojourn there; and the Assyrian oppressed them without cause.” The New King James Version (NKJV) reads: For thus says the LORD GOD, “My people went down at first into Egypt to dwell there; then the Assyrian oppressed them without cause.” The New International Version (NIV) reads: For this is what the Sovereign LORD says, “At first my people went down to Egypt to live; lately, Assyria has oppressed them.” The Douay-Rheims Version (DRV) reads: For thus saith the Lord God: “My people went down into Egypt at the beginning to sojourn there: and the Assyrian hath oppressed them without any cause at all.”

NOTE: Dating of events in the eight empires is based on Ussher’s Chronology (i.e.; count in reverse from 4004BCE, the assumed year of the creation of Adam on the one hand; and count forward from the every 900-year appearance of triple conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn in 7BCE (which occurred in December of that year) on the other hand. Actual years ca.1500BCE vary by ±7 years.

EGYPTIAN EMPIRE – This Empire flourished about 300 years after Noah's Flood of 2348BCE.
The First World Empire – Egypt’s goddess was named Isis, the mythical sister and wife of Osiris.






After Abraham arrived in Canaan, a famine obliged him to sojourn in Egypt (Genesis 12:10).
​Joseph, a son of Israel (i.e. Jacob), was appointed as second to Pharaoh (Genesis 41:39-45).
Israel's son, Joseph, brought the Israelites into Egypt. They became resident aliens for 400     years (see Genesis 15:13-16. Charts 17-19, pages 415-418, in Forty-Two Months and Ten Toes,       The Perfect Jewish Calendarthe ©2017 edition, decodes the Riddle of the Four Generations).
Moses led Israel’s Exodus from Egypt. Their departure diminished Egypt’s military     capability, along with its intellectual and fiscal wealth.
Joshua commanded the Sun to stand still over Gibeon, and the moon to hold its place over     the Valley of Aijalon ((This adjusted the Solar years by almost one day. Isaiah 38:8, completed     that day. This allowed Six Lunar High Sabbaths to align with Six Solar 7thDay Sabbaths in 7BCE &     6BCE, which allowed the Birth and Circumcision of Yeshua/Jesus to take place at the Appointed     Times. Yeshua/Jesus was born on the 1stDay of Sukkoth (i.e. Tabernacles); and he was circumcised     on Shemini Atzeret (i.e. the Eighth Day). Both days were Lunar High Sabbaths and Solar 7thDay     Sabbaths. See Joshua 10:11-14; and the Book of Jasher 88:59-65 & 89:8, & 15-17, for the story)).
​King David purchased the Mount of Olives from Araunah the Jebusite (2ndSamuel 24:1-25),     and Moriah, the Temple Mount, from Ornan the Jebusite (1stChronicles 21:1-30), during     the 3rdConjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 907BCE. This ordained the two Lunar High     Sabbaths of Hanukkah, so they would shepherd the Conception of Yeshua/Jesus 900     years later in 7BCE (see page 11 of “ISIS ISIL II” on home page of,
Egypt was regaining its former status during the reign of Solomon who built the Temple in     Jerusalem (see 1stKings 6:1). The Kingdom remained an autonomous and peaceful entity     because of Solomon’s marriage to a daughter of Pharaoh (see 1stKings 9:16, 24 & 11:1).
GOD gave King Ahaz A SIGN: behold, the young woman (i.e. the virgin) shall conceive,     and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel (Immanuel, sometimes spelled      Emmanuel, means: God (is) with us; see Isaiah 7:14 JPS1955).
During the reigns of, King Ahaz of Judah, and Kings Pekah and Hoshea of Israel; Tiglath-        pileser the king of Assyria, forced Egypt southward and out of the Land of Judah. 



ASSYRIAN EMPIRE – Assyria fought Egypt for the right to receive tribute from Judah for over 125 years.
The Second World Empire – It included Northern Israel, Assyria, Mesopotamia, Babylonia and Chaldea.
King Pekah of Israel was beheaded, and Tiglath-pileser the King of Assyria installed     Hoshea as the king of Samaria (i.e. Northern Israel).
​King Sargon, successor to King Shalmaneser who succeeded Tiglath-pileser, carried the     Israelites out of Samaria and into captivity.
​Sennacherib succeeded Sargon as King of Assyria (see Isaiah, chapters. 7–10 & 2ndKings,     Chapters. 15–17)
Nineveh fell to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, after which Nebuchadnezzar defeated     Pharaoh-Necho of Egypt at Carchemish. (See Encyclopedia Britannica, Last Edition (i.e. the     “10th” Edition), ©1900, volume XIII, pages 412-416; and 2ndKings 17:3).
NOTE: Daniel told King Nebuchadnezzar; The GOD in heaven who reveals secrets….has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will be in the latter days (see Daniel 2:29). The final six kingdoms are depicted on the statue in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (see Daniel 2:36-43)

BABYLONIAN EMPIRE – This Empire was the head of fine gold on Nebuchadnezzar’s statue.
The Third World Empire – (This was the 1stEmpire on the statue; and also the 1stBeast in Daniel’s vision (i.e.                       the Lion with Eagle’s Wings that was given a man’s heart, see Daniel 7:4).



Nebuchadnezzar defeated Nineveh; and also Pharaoh-Necho of Egypt at Carchemish. 
The 70 years of the Captivity of Judah began when Daniel was taken to Babylon with     the first Jewish captives; likely on Nisan 24 (see Daniel Chapter 10).  
Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue that depicted the Final Six ​    Biblical World Empires (Daniel 2:28-45).
Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple (2ndChronicles 36:17-21).  
​Daniel received the vision of Four Beasts during Belshazzar's first politically correct year     as King of Babylon (his father, King Nabu-nahid, fled to Boisippa when he was later defeated by     Cyrus who was diverting the river around Babylon; see Vol. III, Pg. 188 & 553 ©1900 Ency. Brit.).
Daniel interpreted the writing on the wall for King Belshazzar: MENE, MENE, GOD hath     numbered thy kingdom, and brought it to an end. TEKEL, thou are weighed in the     balances, and art found wanting. UPHARSIN, thy kingdom is divided, and given to     the Medes and Persians (see Daniel 5:26-28 JPS1955)
MEDIA-PERSIAN EMPIRE – This Empire was the chest & arms of silver on Nebuchadnezzar's statue.
The Fourth World Empire – This was the 2ndEmpire on the statue; and also the 2ndBeast in Daniel’s vision                              (i.e. the Bear with three ribs between its teeth, see Daniel 7:5)




King Cyrus the Persian & King Darius the Mede diverted the Euphrates River to defeat King Belshazzar of Babylon. While Cyrus mustered the Jewish captives to help him subdue the Empire by promising they could return to Judea and rebuild the Temple; Darius ruled over the defeated Babylonians (Daniel 9:1-2 & Ency. Brit., Last Edition, ©1900, Vol. VI, Pg. 753).
At the end of 3-years, Cyrus had subdued the Empire. He ruled the Empire from Susa in     Persia (i.e. present day Iran). His subordinate, King Darius, continued to rule over the     province of Babylonia (i.e. present day Iraq). Cyrus and Darius signed the decree (see Ezra     1:1-4), on Nisan 23 in 535BCE. The 70 years of Captivity ended (605-535=70). Thus,     the Seventy Weeks of Years began the following day, on Nisan 24. From the going forth     of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem unto one anointed, a prince, shall be     seven weeks, and for three score and two weeks, it shall be built again....And he     shall make a firm covenant with many for one week (Daniel 9:25-27, JPS1955). The first     Seven Weeks of Years became the first 49 years of THE TIMES OF THE JEWS. 
The Foundations of the Temple were laid; Haggai and Zachariah prophesied; Jeshua was     high priest; and Zerubbabel was governor while Zerubbabel’s 2nd-Temple was erected.
Erection of Zerubbabel's 2ndTemple was completed.
The first Seven Weeks (i.e. 49 years) of THE TIMES OF THE JEWS ended.
A period of 21 years of GENTILE TIMES began when Ahasuerus became King of Persia. During these 21 years, Queen Esther of Persia established the Feast of Lots (i.e. Purim, the     Festival depicting the final destruction of Satan. GOD is not even mentioned in the Book of Esther).
The 21 years of GENTILE TIMES ended (see Daniel 10:12-14).
Malachi prophesied.The Sixty-Two Weeks of Years; THE TIMES OF THE JEWS; commenced.
The Media-Persian cultural domination of the Media-Persian Empire ended. 
GRECIAN EMPIRE – This Empire was the belly & thighs of bronze on Nebuchadnezzar's statue.
The Fifth World Empire – This was the 3rdEmpire on the statue; and also the 3rdBeast in                 Daniel’s vision (i.e. the Leopard with four wings of a bird and four heads, see Daniel 7:6)



Alexander the Great subdued the Medes and Persians; and established Greek Culture     throughout the now Grecian Empire.
​Alexander the Great died, and the Empire was divided between his four Generals.
Antiochus IV Epiphanes, placed the Abomination of Desolation (i.e. a statue of Zeus) in the     Holy Place in the Temple in Jerusalem on, Elul 1 (i.e. ca. August 15)
Antiochus later sacrificed a swine on the Altar in front of the Temple on Kislev 25, 167BCE.
Judah Maccabees replaced the Altar and rededicated the Temple. There were 2300     evenings and mornings (i.e. 6.3 years) from Elul 1, 170BCE, to Kislev 25 & December 6,     164BCE(NOTE: when counting “evenings and mornings,” each “day” of the seven intermediate     occurrences of the Festivals of Rosh Hashanah must each be counted as two days. If the prophecy     had said, “2300 days,” each of the Festival’s “two days” would have been counted as “one day” only).
​Caesar Augustus made a strategical transition from the culturally Grecian dominated Media-Persian Empire, along with the Roman Republics, into the Roman World Empire by 27BCE.
     See Ency. Brit. 1900, Last Edition (10th). Vol. III, pg. 79(d), Augustus and the Augustan Age.
ROMAN AND ROMAN-BYZANTINE EMPIRE – This Empire was the two legs of Iron on the Statue. 
The Sixth World Empire – This was the 4thEmpire on the statue; and also the 4thBeast in Daniel’s vision that had huge iron teeth (i.e. Rome) and bronze nails (i.e. latent Greece), see Daniel 7:7 & 19-20; and it had ten horns that would not be activated until the Islamic spirit of Ishmael (i.e. the spirit of anti-Christ) could permeate the two feet (i.e. the Roman and the Mohammedan, Seventh World Empire's), that would form a siege barrier (i.e. the Levant) around the Land of Israel in order to destroy it from the face of the earth (see Daniel 2:41-43 and Daniel 7:21-25 and Psalm 83)








The Roman Empire was both legs of iron (i.e. the huge iron teeth). Augustus Caesar became     Head of the Roman Republics, and established the Roman Empire in 27BCE. The Sixty-      Two Weeks of Years, i.e. the 434 years of THE TIMES OF THE JEWS ended on Nisan 23,     in 31 BCE, and the TIMES OF THE GENTILES began.
King Herod the Great began refurbishing the Temple between 20BCE and 19BCE.
14 years later Yeshua (i.e. Jesus) was born on the 1stday of Sukkoth (i.e. the Feast of     Tabernacles), Tishri 15 (i.e. the 7thMonth of the Jewish lunar year) & September 28, of 6BCE.          Eight days later, Yeshua/Jesus was circumcised on Shemini Atzeret. This is the Eighth     Day of Sukkoth (i.e. Tabernacles), a.k.a., "The Eighth Day" by the Church. Both the First and     Eighth Days of Tishri were Lunar High Sabbaths and also Seventh Day Solar Sabbaths. 
Yeshua/Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist on the 8thDay of Hanukkah (i.e. the Feast of     Rededication). This year was the politically correct 15thYear of Tiberius Caesar, because     Luke would have used Roman Inclusive Descending Counting (see pages 23-24 in     the ISIS ISIL II pdf), so he could keep his head from being separated from his shoulders.
Yeshua/Jesus was crucified on Preparation Day for the Passover, Nisan 14 & April 9. His     Resurrection took place on Nisan 18 & April 13 (see the ISIS ISIL II pdf for the verities).
40 years later the Romans began the siege of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem and the Temple were completely destroyed, and the Jews were dispersed.
​Rabbi Hillel II, converted the Astronomical New Moon Jewish Calendar that required Jews to     sight the light of the New Moon’s crescent in Temple Times; into a Calculated New Moon     Calendar that instead used the Inferior Conjunction (i.e. the 1stDay of the 1 to 3 day period     when the moon is dark and cannot be seen) of the New Moon to determine the 1stDay of each     monthInferior Conjunction may last from 1 to 3 days before the crescent of the     Astronomical New Moon appears on the western horizon. Thus, the 1stDay of the month      retreats by 1 to 3 days; and this error-ridden Rabbinical Calendar is in popular use yet     today. So, Rabbis and Theologians erroneously think Jesus was "crucified" around 30CE.
The Roman Empire was divided into; the Western Roman Empire (one iron leg was Rome, i.e.     the iron teeth); and the Eastern Byzantine Empire (the other iron leg was resurgent-latent-                 Greece, i.e. the bronze nails)
The talons of the imminent Mohammedan World Empire took hold. Mohammed, a community     organizer and the first Prophet of Islam, became the first leader.
​Mohammed died. When he died a dynasty of four Caliphs succeeded him (According to     Encyclopedia Britannica, all were descendants of the 12 princes of Ishmael, see Genesis 25:16).
Jerusalem, under Roman rule, capitulated to the Muslims. The Roman-Byzantine Sixth World     Empire (i.e. the two legs of iron) made a transition from being the two legs of iron, into     the 1stFoot of iron and clay, and thus became only one half of the Seventh World Empire.
MOHAMMEDAN EMPIRE – This Empire became the 2ndFoot of iron and baked clay mixed, on the statue. 
The Seventh World Empire – This was a 5thEmpire on the statue. It was factually a “Caliphate.” It would also be a short-lived Caliphate as indicated by the height of the two feet. Revelation 17:10 reads: ​The other (i.e. the seventh king or empire) has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time. NOTICE: The Caliphate is referred to as a living entity. Mohammed merged the over-350-Arabic-pseudo-gods and idols into one pseudo-god he named  Al`ilah (Arabic for Allah). This became the pseudo-god of the 2ndFoot of the Seventh World  Empire.
When Jerusalem capitulated to the Muslims, the Mohammedan Caliphate became the     2ndFoot. It subjugated the entire Middle East and Mediterranean regions combined; and     occupied the same general domain as did the Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Media-          Persian, and Grecian Empires combined (see Encyclopedia Britannica, the ©1900 edition, Vol.     XVI, Pages 545–606, and the ©1969-70 edition, Vol. 15, Pages 639-646). The 1stFoot made a           transition into a diminished Roman-Byzantine Empire the Caliphate had forced into the     northern regions of Europe. Daniel 2:41 reads; The kingdom shall be divided. A period     of contentious and bloody confrontations over rights of Christians or Muslims to visit the     Holy Land persisted before the Crusades began in about 1200CE
​A dynasty of Omayyad Caliphs followed the Mohammedan Caliphate.
In less than 120 years the Omayyad Caliphate collapsed into rival anarchy's. The Omayyad,     Abbasid, and Ottoman dynasties of Caliph's sequentially followed Mohammed’s Caliphate     dynasty's, and persist yet today in contiguous Islamic Middle East domains. The Rome-         Byzantine Empire (395CE to 1453CE) also persists yet today (i.e. into the 21stCentury AD)         in  European domains; amidst declining numbers of Roman Catholic, Protestant     and Byzantine Orthodox Christians, and Jews; while the proponents of Islam escalate. 
The bloody era of the Crusaders versus the Muslims for control of Jerusalem began.
The bloody era of the Crusaders versus the Muslims for control of Jerusalem ended.
The Rome/Byzantine Empire formally ceased to exist as an empire.
NOTE: The Seventh World Empire, represented by the two feet, will remain in power during the Eighth World Empire. Both of the two feet and the ten toes consist of Iron and clay mixed. So, even though each set of feet and toes are separate empires, each set of feet and toes will each function as separate continuum-empires. The Euro-domains 1stFoot will likely shape the Global Economic (the Illuminati meddles with global economics)Political (the United Nations is in New York City)and Religious (the Vatican, whether it remains Christian or becomes Islamic) powers of the seven continents on which the seven highest mountains of the world sit; one on each continent. Revelation 17:9 reads: The seven heads (on the beast) are seven mountains on which the woman sitsThe Islamic-domains 2ndFoot may lead all TEN TOES (i.e. ISIL; an acronym for Islamic States of Iran and the Levant) in their almost 4000 years old fetish to utterly destroy Israel. 

ISLAMIC EMPIRE – This Empire will become the Ten Toes of iron & baked clay mixed, on the statue.
The Eighth World Empire – The 6thEmpire on the statue (see Daniel 2:42-43) is the Eighth World Empire. Its strategy to annihilate Israel may rise to maturity in this 21stCentury. The beast that was, and is not, is himself also the eighth, and is of the seven, and is going to perdition (see Revelation 17:11, NKJV). Again, the Caliphate is referred to as a living entity, i.e. the pseudo-god named Al`ilah-diabolos.
The destruction of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers (i.e. 9/11), ​brought Islamic     Terrorism to the forefront of world affairs. Psalm 83 is a plea for YHVH-GOD to protect         Israel from ISIS, a.k.a., ISIL. Verse 5, JPS1955 reads: They have said [(i.e. Edom and      the Ishmaelites (i.e. Persians), etc.)]: Come, and let us cut them off from being a          nation, that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance (it is verse 4 in
     Christian Bibles).
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Ezra reconstituted the priesthood to preserve the Messianic Mitochondrial DNA Seed of Eve.
Nehemiah rebuilt the Walls of Jerusalem and restored the broad place (i.e. the Temple Court).