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God of Compassion or God of Abandonment
  My book, Forty-Two Months and Ten Toes, The Perfect Jewish Calendar, describes how the four Gospels are in complete agreement as to which year, day, and hour each event of the Nativity and Crucifixion of Jesus took place. The dates and times are documented by historical facts; and not by alleged esoteric visions or simple assumptions, as have been promoted by the Church hierarchy and theologians in centuries past. *Agnostics who have read my book have been unable to produce any contrary data to refute the accuracy of the facts, so they throw up the age-old argument: If GOD is a GOD OF LOVE, why does He allow horrific suffering in the world? They assume this is the ultimate question that no one can answer.
But, read on!
  It has been suggested that in order to find an answer to our current problems, we must study our history. So we will endeavor to resolve this question by reviewing the entwined history of angels and mankind. But first I should post a commentary by Argus Press Columnist, Jim Waun, published on the OPINION page on, May 5, 2011. His article delineates this controversy head on. I believe many churchgoers may empathize with Mr. Waun's dilemma. His argument is compelling and it also dramatizes the despair some of our neighbors, relatives, and people in general all around the world are experiencing. So I secured his permission to use his commentary titled, My Dilemma, to jump-start this response. 

My Church Dilemma
By: Jim Waun, Argus Press Columnist, May 5, 2011

  I have a nagging nostalgia for Church.
  After decades of regular attendance and involvement in church affairs, I currently have no church contact at all. The confusions and contradictions became more than I could rationalize or tolerate.
  Dumbfounded by words we were mouthing during services about God, heaven and forgiveness, I some-times abruptly stopped to wonder if anyone other than I noticed what we were doing. I asked someone if they noticed the contradictions and was told that Sunday and church was one thing; everyday life quite another: just separate them. That ended the conversation.
  I didn't understand the concept of a loving, all-knowing and all-powerful, grandfather-like God somewhere in a heaven above the earth who, after death, welcomed some into a dude-ranch heaven of eternal bliss and condemned others to unrelenting suffering in Hades.
  I understood fearing God as an omnipotent power, but couldn't grasp worshiping a being that could be either loving and compassionate or vengeful, depending on the circumstances. And I couldn't fathom Him answering some people's prayers sometimes and not other times or healing some illnesses and not others.
  Nor could I follow His causing some people, especially children, to suffer and die so that others might learn lessons. And I don't grasp God's allowing death and suffering on massive scales from earthquakes, tornados, hurricane or tsunamis.
  It seems trite when I hear our presidents end their speeches with, "God Bless America." Is that a command? A hopeful prayer? What makes us more worthy of God's blessing than others? Why would God bless us when we're a nation of individuals good and bad, sacred and profane?
  The final straw for me came at communion time when the rituals always reinforce our unworthiness. I'm supposedly created in God's image, but in the church I am stranded without a possible path to worthiness. If I took my permanent unworthiness seriously, there'd be no point in striving to be a better person. My belief in improvable worthiness motivates me.
  The most troubling aspect of churches and religion is that it looks as though they offer heavenly insurance. People whose faith is weakened by doubts over the presence of evil and question how an all-powerful God would allow bad things to happen to good people, and good things to happen to bad people, can hedge their bets by following prescribed behaviors and avoiding its pitfalls.
  With religion and church, even luke-warm believers who live good lives can expect to receive free passes to heaven. I think many churchgoers do the right thing, attempt to live moral lives, for the wrong reason. If there is an omnipresent, omniscient God who sees all, surely He knows that they're aiming for a heavenly payoff.
  I don't miss the mindless rituals and seeming belief in magic in churches. But I do miss being part of a formal intergenerational community that supports each other and shares of themselves and their resources to relieve suffering and make communities better places to live.
  Over time, churches accumulate principles and bodies of wisdom that are worth believing in and using to evaluate current issues and passions and make the world a more tolerant, just and peaceful place for us and our descendants.
  After I die, if there is a heaven, and if it will have me, I'll be happy to enter. But if there isn't and I merely cease to exist, I can't know the difference and it doesn't matter to me now. Between now and then, a part of me misses being involved in a formal church-like community.

~The end of Mr. Waun's commentary~
  Some may criticize me for including this commentary in a booklet that should be an uplifting inspiration for Christians who may have:
  1. Prematurely lost family members, whom they totally depended upon for consolation or support;
  2. Family members that require 24/7 care because they were born with, or have been inflicted with, an immobilizing physical deficiency;
  3. Suddenly lost a functional and carefree home along with everything they possessed for various reasons;
  4. And the list goes on and on.

  If you neglected to read Mr. Waun's outstanding article, however, you may not fully understand the problem in order to evaluate my response to this age-old question:

  Does GOD purposely allow some people, including children, to suffer and die to teach others lessons? And does He apathetically condone suffering and death on massive scales; as are experienced in tornados and hurricanes, or earthquakes and tsunamis?

Here is my short ideological answer

 Man-made and Natural disasters occur that devastate people because there is a war being waged between good and evil; that is, a war between the angels of YHWH GOD and the angels of Satan. The cause of the devastations may be blamed on Satan, exclusively!

Now I will explain my broad statement using relevant rhetoric and apropos documentation

Let's start with the good news: In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth. And GOD saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day, see Genesis 1:1 & 1:31, JPS 1955. And the heaven and the earth were finished, and all the host of them, see Genesis 2:1, JPS 1955 (i.e., the Bible published by the Jewish Publication Society of America).
  Not only did GOD create the heaven and the earth, but He also created the host (i.e., the angels) and assigned some to oversee the stars in the heaven. So far; so very good!

So, whom do we blame? Do we blame the Buddha's? Do we blame the Allah's? Do we blame the pagan gods of indigenous peoples around the world? No! We blame the ONE GOD of the Jews and Christians whose name is *YHWH or *JehovahWhy Him? Why not any of the pagan gods? The answer is quite simple. Everyone, even the *atheists and *agnostics, know that the GOD of the Jews and Christians is the only GOD who has the power to intervene in the events taking place in the world today! They don't blame Satan because they believe neither he nor the dungeons of Hell really exist. But Satan does factually existand evidence will be presented herein that he is determined to claim dominion over this earth. History verifies this so-called "nonexistent adversary" is vying for total control of our earth. 
  Satan is a liar and a deceiver according to the Bible. As such, he is also a "copycat" and does not possess any original ideas of his own. He is continually trying to build "working models" of what he thinks the prophecies in the Bible have foretold, even before they take place. This is so the naïve PhD agnostics will believe that GOD is the copier instead of Satan. Possibly Satan's first copycat deception was to genetically mutate some prehistoric animals into beings that would resemble humans that had not yet been created. Or, he may have been trying to establish his own race of people that would appear to be ancestors to Adam and Eve. Various discoveries of these creatures have been successful in deceiving the so-called "brilliant" evolutionists who think they are smarter than GOD or any Jew or Christian. Here's more good news! After the discover of Mitochondrial DNA in the 1960's; Geneticists have found that every human being that has ever lived on this earth has the Micochondrial DNA of Eve (i.e., the wife of Adam). They also discovered that none of the prehistoric "apelike" creatures had the *Mitochondrial-DNA of Eve! So guess what? We're NOT related!

Satan's plan versus GOD's will for mankind: How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, see Isaiah 14:12, NKJV. His (Satan's) tail drew a third of the stars (i.e., angels) of heaven and threw them to the earth, see Revelation 12:4, NKJVIdeally, GOD could have simply annihilated Satan, the universe, and the complicit fallen angels. But GOD cannot lie! He is obligated to fulfill every one of His prophecies concerning the destiny of man and the Universe. Satan was aware of this, so since the beginning of his defection, he has continually tried to disrupt at least one of GOD's prophecies in order to gain "bargaining rights" in his Day of Judgment. Satan's only attributes for defeating a prophecy are; HATE, DEATH, DESTRUCTION and DECEIT, because he is incapable of love, life, preservation, and truth. Satan also influences evil men to perform evil acts to accomplish his purpose; knowing any intervention by GOD may cause enormous hardships, and even death or suffering to many.
  A case in point: Islamic terrorists hide amid women and children, knowing that any retaliation against them may be brutal to those whom they are hiding behind. So, when GOD uses either man-made or natural phenomenon to counteract what Satan might try to do, He is accused of being a vengeful GOD. Many victims are indigent adults and innocent children who have been blindsided by the devastating and hopeless circumstances under which they were born and presently live. With today's innovations in satellite technology we are more aware of the malicious hate, violent deaths, unscrupulous deception, and random destruction in this chaotic world. But if GOD does not fulfill his *predictions, mankind could remain under the domination of, Satan the evil angel, for all eternity. (You may be comforted to know that GOD has made provisions for innocent children).

Lucifer fell during the 6thDay of Creation:
 You were in Eden, the garden of were the anointed walked back and forth in the midst of the fiery stones (i.e., the stars), see Ezekiel 28:11:17, NKJV. You have said in your heart....I will also sit in the farthest sides of the north....I will be like the Most High, see Isaiah 14:12:15, NKJV. According to Ezekiel, the earth and the Garden of Eden were created before Lucifer (Lucifer was Satan's name before he fell) sinned against GOD. Lucifer was not only the czar in Eden, but he was the chief Cherub who watched over the angels that attended to the stars. This did not satisfy Lucifer's desire for power and prestige. And being the number one angel, Lucifer had access to the *Coded prophecy's and written *Riddles in the *Torah regarding the destiny of GOD's Chosen People (the Jews); from when Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden to when his Semitic descendents entered the Promised Land. ENOCH 108:7, says of GOD's prophecies; some of them (in the Torah) are written and inscribed above in heaven, in order that the angels may read them. Lucifer read the *Torah and determined that if he could block even one prophecy from being fulfilled at the precise time it was supposed to come to pass, he could boast equality with GOD and reign over the earth from the northern part of the Universe; FOREVER!
Are YHVH-GOD's Prophecies "Cut in Stone?"
  If a caveat is attached, there is a possibility that a prophecy might not occur at its proposed timing, and in the manner stated, because these are conditionally *predicted to take place, and not *predestined to take place. But, if no caveat is attached, the answer is YES, because YHVH-GOD cannot lie. Satan and evil men have the free will to try to prevent them from happening, but whatever they devise, it will simply facilitate the fulfillment of YHVH-GOD's prophecies, exactly as written and scheduled. Therefore, the factual answer is, NO! There is zero chance that YHVH-GOD's prophecies will fail to come to pass. Satan will cause them to occur at their proper time.

A short synopsis of the fall of Satan.
  Lucifer was cast down to the earth because of pride; and one third of the angels chose to follow him. He lost his exalted name of "Day Star, son of the morning" when he fell (the literal meaning of Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12, is "Day Star"). Lucifer's name was changed to Satan (the literal meaning of Satan is "Adversary"). At some point in time after Lucifer's fall, GOD created Adam and Eve; right on time and in the manner that He said He would.
  GOD had said: Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth, see Genesis 1:26, NKJV.

Archaeology has filled in a missing era of time.
  The discovery of a possible pagan temple site called Gobekli Tepe found near Urfa, Turkey, during the 20thCentury, is apparently only one example of what Satan and his fallen angels accomplished between Satan's fall and the creation of Adam. Some archaeologists have determined that Gobekli Tepe was built around 12,000BCE, and the Bible indicates Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden around 4,000BCE. Even so, up to now archaeologists have not been able to credit any human culture with the design and erection of these ancient marvels. Credible archaeologists agree that none of the apelike prehistoric creatures that have been uncovered in various layers of strata of the earth could have done it. Can there be any question but that the fallen angels built Gobekli Tepe along with the pyramids and other cosmological stone structures around the world? That era of construction must have taken place prior to the creation of Adam; some even possibly up to just before Noah's Great Flood, and with technologies generally unknown to mankind; even today.

Satan's early attempt at blocking a prophecy.
  Satan had previously read the prophecies posted in Heaven, so he zeroed in on the prophecy that could most certainly cause his destruction; unless he was able to thwart it. Genesis 3:15 foretold that the Redeemer of mankind was to arrive through the seed of the woman. The Bible does not tell us how old Adam was when Eve was created, but however long it was, there is no record that Satan tried to entice Adam to sin prior to the creation of Eve. When Eve did arrive on the scene though, Satan wasted no time in trying to entice her to sin. This is because the Messiah would not arrive via the bloodline of Adam, but by the *Mitochondrial-DNA seed of Eve! Satan's number three arch demon, the serpent named Gadre`elevidently volunteered for the task by asserting he could perform the deed by using lies and deception. ENOCH 69:6 says: The third was named Gadre`el....And he led astray Eve. It seems Gadre`el's plan was a total success; except for one overlooked piece of prophecy. A "backup plan" had been in place since before the foundations of the earth were laid! J.I.C! (Just-In-Case).

Eve was DECEIVED but Adam CHOSE to sin.
  After Eve was deceived, the LORD said to the serpent: I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed, see Genesis 3:15, JPS 1955.
  What did GOD mean when He said, her seed? If you have listened to various theologians and preachers, you would conclude her seed meant Adam's bloodline. That's a tough pill to swallow. Adam would furnish the sperm, and Eve would furnish the egg. Adam and Eve would each furnish 23 of the 46 Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA Chromosomes. But only Eve would furnish the main essential for embryonic cells to live. It's called the *Mitochondrial-DNA, and it gives life to the embryonic cells. Adam and Eve propagated the human race, but only Eve and her descendent daughters and granddaughters passed on the "life-giving *Mitochondrial-DNA seed" that was required for the Messiah-Redeemer to be brought into this world.
  GOD had said to Adam: Of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day you eat of it you shall surely die (i.e., dying you shall die), see Genesis 2:17, NKJV. Satan assumed that because Eve had eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he had successfully brought the Messianic *Mitochondrial-DNA seed of Eve down to his own sinful level. Satan also assumed that the coming Messiah, which Enoch named a total of 39 times in The Parables section of his book, would now be unfit to redeem mankind from sin. But YHVH-GOD had devised His plan before the Universe was created to handle such a situation.
  NOTE: Chapters 37-71 in ENOCH, refer to the Messiah as: the ELECT ONE, 17 times; as the SON OF MAN, 17 times; as the RIGHTEOUS ONE, 2 times; as the ANOINTED ONE, 2 times; and as LORD OF KINGS WHO IS OVER ALL KINGS, 1 time. This is equal to the 39 lashes placed on the back of Yeshua/Jesus during His Crucifixion. One lash for each time He was named in the Parables of ENOCH. Coincidence?

A lamb was sacrificed for Adam and Eve's sin.
  Notice that the Bible does not say the animal was a lamb, but it was logically a lamb by inference. In any event, it would have been a kosher animal. Genesis 3:21, NKJV, reads: For Adam and his wife the LORD GOD made tunics of skin, and clothed them. The lamb's skin was used to cover Adam and Eve's nakedness. The lamb's blood foreshadowed that Jesus would be cursed in our place by shedding His blood while hanging on a tree; to pay the death penalty for our sin. The Apostle Paul wrote in Galatians 3:13: Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, 'Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree'). Paul's quote was from Deuteronomy 21:23.

What is the seed of the serpent?
  The answer is in Genesis 6:1:8, and ENOCH 6:1-7. Genesis 6:2 states that the sons of GOD (i.e., the fallen *watcher-angels) took the daughter's of men as wives. Noah declared in chapters 6-8 of ENOCH that 200 *watcher-angels descended on the summit of Mount Hermon in the days of Jared, Enoch's father. They descended to accomplish their evil deed in about the year *3102BCE. Their ultimate plan was to contaminate Eve's *Mitochondrial-DNA seed by infusing the DNA seed of the evil angels into it. The daughters that conceived offspring by these *watcher-angels gave birth to the giants of old called, the Nephilim. Some of the offspring of these unions were no doubt genetically mutated into animal-human-beasts by the evil angels. 
  "Nephilim" is defined in the Jewish Publication Society of America, Holy Bible 1955, Encyclopedic Dictionary, page 881, as: Offspring of the sons of God and the daughters of men (Genesis 6:4). They were men of renown. Note that the Nephilim were also described as giants in Numbers 13:33, JPS 1955. Ten of the spies that Moses sent to spy out the land of Canaan reported; There we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, who come of the Nephilim; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. In the NKJV, reference 8 notes that the Hebrew word for giants is Nephilim.
  The 200 watcher-angels had the ability to clone or transform themselves into the "mythical?" animal-human gods of old. ENOCH 17:1 & 19:1, states; when they wished, they appeared as men....and their spirits assuming many different forms are defiling mankind and shall lead them astray into sacrificing to demons as gods.
  Even so, the seed of Eve remained pure via a preordained line of beautiful daughters of the Patriarchs, from Adam to Noah. 754 years after the 200 *watcher-angels descended, the LORD sent Noah's Flood that destroyed all the physical bodies of the Nephilim (i.e., the giants). However, the "seed of the serpent" had been instilled in the Nephilim (they were males and females), so even though the physical bodies of the Nephilim were destroyed, their serpent-DNA spirits survived and they still roam the earth to this day. But the 200 *watcher-angels were imprisoned in Tartarus when the Deluge took place.
  The LORD said to Gabriel, Destroy the children of the *Watchers (i.e., the Nephilim) from amongst men....And the LORD said to Michael, Go bind Semja`za and his associates (i.e., the 200 watcher-angels)....And bind them fast for seventy generations in the valleys of the earth (i.e., Tartarus), till the day of their judgment, see ENOCH 10:9-12. And now the giants, who are produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, and on earth shall be their dwelling, see ENOCH 15:8. Note that 2ndPeter 2:4, NKJV, in referring to these 200 *watcher-angels reads: GOD did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment. (The Greek word used for hell in this verse is ταρταρώσας (i.e., Tartarus). This is the only verse in the Bible where the word Tartarus appears as the name for Hell. It means, the Netherworld, or prison of the dead.

How did the Serpent Gene survive through the Flood?
  YHVH-GOD had ordered Gabriel to destroy the Nephilim. But then GOD declared there would be Nephilim on the earth after the Flood: There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, see Genesis 6:4. So the Mitochondrial-DNA serpent-seed of the *watcher-angels must have successfully infected the Mitochondrial-DNA seed of Eve that Ham's wife possessed; and she carried it into the Ark. This is evident because the giant-cultures, such as Nimrod's giant-culture that existed after the Flood, are named in the genealogy of Ham, and they mostly congregated in the Middle East. Now we can understand why the LORD told the Israelites to destroy every man, woman, child, and animal (many animals had been genetically altered) of certain tribal nations. In every giant-tribe that the Israelites failed to kill them all, the seed of the serpent came back to haunt the Israelites at a later date, even to this day.
  The massive contamination of the seed of Eve caused by the *watcher-angels brought about the Great Flood. Apparently, Noah and his family were the only pre-flood humans that the watcher-angels had not contaminated when the Flood came, except one. Some may ask: If the *Mitochondrial-DNA seed of Ham's wife was contaminated with the unclean serpent-seed of the watcher-angels, why did GOD allow her to enter into the Ark? Notice that the LORD told Noah:
 Seven clean people entered the Ark, and two unclean people may have entered the Ark, if Ham's wife was pregnant. The real message is; if the LORD ordered unclean animals to be taken into the Ark, why would He prohibit Noah's unclean daughter-in-law from entering into the Ark? The purpose for both the people and the animals being taken into the Ark was to keep the species alive on all the face of the earth.

A look at some historical records:
  It has been said that most wars are fought over religion. Let's put it to the test. The first war of record was between Cain and Able, the first two sons of Adam and Eve. Cain made a hypocritical offering from the fruit of the ground. Able made a sincere offering from the firstborn of his flock. GOD rejected Cain's offering but accepted Abel's offering. The result was that Cain killed Abel because of a difference in their religions. Throughout history, when a king conquered another king, the conquering king forced the people of the fallen king to worship his god.
  Ever since King David claimed Mount Moriah as the place for the Temple to be erected, wars have been fought over whether YHWA will rule from Jerusalem, or if the pagan god of Ishmael (i.e., Azaz`el or Allah), along with the many pagan gods of the Arabs, will rule. We may presently be on the brink of entering the final war of history. The proponents of Islamic Fundamentalism seem determined to fly their flag over every nation on the earth. If they prevail, every knee will be forced to bow to their pagan pseudo-god named "Allah." Anyone who refuses to accept "Allah" as his god, and submit themselves to *Shari`a Law, will be beheaded. Revelation 20:4, affirms certain Observant Jews and followers of Yeshua/Jesus) may be beheaded for their testimony during the tribulation leading up to the final war. According to the books of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation; this final war will be between Ishmael (i.e., Islam in league with all the nations of the world) and Isaac (i.e., Judeo-Messianic-Israel). So the final war will pit evil against GOD's chosen people, and most certainly it will be fought over religion! The power-players will be "Allah" (i.e., Satan) leading the forces of evil, and Yeshua/Jesus) who will execute all the fulfillments of the prophesied end-time events. Be assured, the End-of-the-Age events will not follow the dates set by Satan's Mayan calendar. Devotees of the Mayan calendar said the world was supposed to end on December 21, 2012. The current 7885-year cycle began on September 6, 3114BCE, see Marking Time, John Wiley & Sons, 2000, by Duncan Steel, page 229.

Satan did read YHVH-GOD's prophecies that are written (and encoded) in the Torah.
  In his own copycat fashion Satan devised the Mayan version of an end-time calendar. 12 years later the 200 *watcher-angels chose to join Satan and the original fallen angels, and committed the greatest abomination ever recorded (i.e., mingling the seed of the 200 fallen angels with the seed of Eve. This brought on the greatest destruction ever recorded. It is called, Noah's Great Flood. So who deserves the blame for the Deluge that virtually massacred every man, woman, child, and animal on the earth?

ENOCH 10:8 tells us: The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by *Azaz`el:


NOTE: The Book of 1stEnoch may be viewed on the website of
On the menu, Click on Giants, then click on Book of Enoch.
The Conclusion of the whole matter
  I have attempted to present a pragmatic view of the conflict between good and evil to counteract the syndrome of blaming our Judeo-Christian GOD for everything that is wrong in the world. The following questions are NOT a test! They are only presented as thought provokers.
1. Do we serve a Compassionate GOD??? Or;
2. Do we hate and despise a Vengeful GOD???
3. Did GOD drive Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden to punish them??? Or;
4. Did GOD drive them out so they could not eat of the Tree of Life, and be forced to exist forever in a depraved state without hope of redemption???
5. Was GOD's ejection of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden a blessing in disguise??? And;
6. If so, shouldn't we praise Him for getting it right???
  When GOD created angels, He did not make them into robots, but allowed them to have the ability to think and choose for themselves. Satan assumed that because GOD could never lie and still be GOD, he could "put GOD into a box" by thwarting just one of His prophesies.

  When GOD created Adam and Eve in His own image, they were both very good. He did not make them into robots, but also allowed them to have the ability to think and choose for themselves. THEY DID!

A Short *Watcher-Angel History
  Satan and 1/3rd of the angels were cast down to the earth during the 6thDay of Creation. They were confined to the heaven surrounding the earth. GOD assigned good angels to monitor the activities of the evil angels. Good angels keep the evil angels in check to this day. See Isaiah 14:12-15 & Ezekiel 28:11-15.

  Adam was created at the end of the 6thDay, and it was the serpent-angel, Gadre`el, that deceived Eve. See ENOCH 69:6 and Genesis chapters 2 & 3.

  Around 3100BCE, 200 *watcher-angels conspired to cohabitate with the daughters of men. They voluntarily left Heaven and descended to the earth to produce sons and daughters who became the Nephilim (i.e., Giants). These watcher-angels will never be allowed to return to the Heaven of YHVH, see ENOCH 6:1-7 & 7:1-5.

When the Great Deluge took place:
*Azaz`el: Satan (i.e., Azaz`el) was thrust into a hole in the wilderness of Shinar on Nisan 14. Nisan 14 was the day that Yeshua/Jesus was Crucified. This hole is Satan's control center for the fallen angels until he rises out of the earth for Daniel's Seventieth Week of Years (i.e., the Great Tribulation). He *(will?) rise as the Beast with Two Horns Like a Lamb that Speaks Like a Dragon, see ENOCH 10:4-5 and Revelation 13:11.

Watcher-Angels: 200 watcher-angels were chained and thrown into Tartarus. They will remain there until they are released for the Great Tribulation, see ENOCH 10:11-12, 1stPeter 3:18-20, 2ndPeter 2:4-5, Revelation 6:12-13 (the 6thSeal), 9:13-15 (the 6thTrumpet) and 16:12-14 (the 6thBowl).

Nephilim: The physical bodies of the pre-flood Nephilim died in the Great Flood, but their evil spirits still roam upon the earth today. They are experiencing hunger and thirst, but cannot eat food or drink water. They will be allowed to expose themselves during the Great Tribulation, see ENOCH 15:1-11.

Enoch: A Lost Canonical Book?
  Enoch is quoted throughout the Bible. Even Jesus quoted Enoch's words. So ENOCH was apparently revered as Sacred Scripture during the 1stCentury. Verses 14-15 in the Epistle of Jude are a direct quote from ENOCH 1:9.
  Manuscripts of ENOCH were discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Scholars assert these Greek manuscripts were copied between 250BCE and the birth of Jesus in 6BCE. But they also note evidence exists that the original manuscripts were written in Hebrew, with some possibly being written in Aramaic. However, no original copies of ENOCH have been discovered, so actual dating cannot be determined. It is the erudite opinion of Wes Tressler that "Enoch the Scribe" penned his own commentary and prophecies, and he also penned the Fragments of Noah for the "Builder of the Ark." Note the evidence:
  1. Recent archeological discoveries verify fallen angels possessed and used advanced technology prior to the creation of Adam; and one common language spanned the era from Adam to the Tower of Babel.
  2. After the Great Flood, scribes wrote on clay, stone, metal, or animal skins. Prior to the Great Flood, scribes wrote on paper as stated in ENOCH 69:9. (Paper was unknown in the Middle East prior to the 8thCentury CE; see Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. XVIII, pg. 217). Enoch's original manuscripts would not have survived, because paper was not impervious to decomposition.
  3. In Enoch's Second Dream Vision (ENOCH 85:1-90:42) he only saw that the floodwaters would rise. In his First Dream Vision (ENOCH 83:1-11) the earth was virtually destroyed. This seemed to confuse him. If a scribe had written the book after 250BCE, it seems that scribe would have integrated the rising floodwaters and devastation of the earth into one catastrophic event.

A person who assumes the Bible is full of contradictions and thus the Bible is not a credible source for information. Back

A person who believes there is no GOD. Back
He was the anointed cherub. His name was Lucifer. When he sinned, his name was changed to Azaz`el (meaning scapegoat) and it was he who led the original rebellion against the Most High GOD. We recognize him as Satan (the adversary). Back

A simple Bible Code can be found by "skip counting" the letters in the original format of the Hebrew Text. Example: By selecting every 50th letter in Genesis, the word *Torah is repeated throughout the book. The same is true with Exodus. In Numbers and Deuteronomy, *Torah is again repeated throughout the two books, except it is spelled backward (haroT). The 50-count sequence is not found in Leviticus. But by selecting every 7th letter, the Hebrew word for GODYHVH; is repeated throughout the book. Thus the *Torah points to the NAME of GOD from the beginning to the end! See Genesis and the Big Bang, Bantam Books, 1991, by Gerald L. Schroeder. Back
This name is a translation of YHWHBack

Every human on earth possesses Eve's Mitochondrial DNA. Males receive this Mitochondrial DNA from their mothers, but do not pass it on to any of their children. Mitochondrial DNA is only passed on to offspring by females. Back
Meaning, it is foreordained to take place. Back

Meaning, it is possible it will take place. Back
Clues for solving the Bible Riddles are found in the 23rd chapter of Leviticus. But they can only be solved after they have been fulfilled. The solutions depend on how the named Festivals were placed on the Jewish Temple Observation Calendar, and how the accompanying mandated rituals were celebrated. Examples of these "Riddle solutions" are detailed in Forty-Two MonthsBack

The law of the Muslims written by Mohammed, the prophet of Islam. Back
Torah means the Teachings or the Law. It is the inclusive Hebrew name for the first five books of the Bible called the Pentateuch by Christian theologians. Back

An angel that is a Messenger. They were assigned to observe what was going on in the Universe as their name suggests.Back
It's certain to happen, but it's not an absolute.Back

Also YHVH. In English it is Jehovah. Back
A conjunction of all the planets occurred in 3102 BCE, and allowed 200 *watcher-angels to descend on Mount Hermon during that celestial event. The letters BCE stand for, Before Common Era, and CE for Common Era. The terms BC and AD are not used in this author's books because Yeshua/Jesus was not born in 1 BC/AD, but was in fact born on September 28th in 6BCE. See Chapters 11 & 12 in Forty-Two Months and Ten ToesThe Perfect Jewish CalendarBack
Mitochondrial DNA
.Shari`a Law

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You shall take with you seven each of every clean animal, a male and his female; two each of animals that are unclean, a male and his female; also seven each of the birds of the air, male and female, to keep the species alive on all the face of the earth, see Genesis 7:2-3, NKJV.